Pizza with mushrooms and peppers

Pizza with mushrooms and peppers. I Champignon mushrooms and the peppers are of the available ingredients all year. refreshing, pleasant, like almost all, even if this pizza is not one of the pizzas that you will find in all menus, you can always request it to the waiter when ordering.

Working with peppers and button mushrooms is easy, you can put them on your raw pizza before baking. The result is always nice to see, when you can always buy fresh peppers, colored and freshly harvested fresh mushrooms.

Pizza with mushrooms and peppers
Pizza with mushrooms and peppers

Pizza with mushrooms and peppers

We prepare together quickly this pizza. After carefully removing the stem of fungi which usually has still attached loam, clean them thoroughly with a cloth and cut into thin slices. Wash peppers, cut into aquifers and liberateli completely from the seeds inside, finished the cleaning phase cut into thin slices. Prepare the diced mozzarella and our ingredients for the preparation of our pizza is ready.

Pizza with mushrooms and peppers
Pizza mushrooms and peppers

Pizza with mushrooms and peppers

Preparation of the dough for pizza.

I never tire of repeating that to get a good pizza that is fragrant on the outside and soft and well honeycombed inside, You must use a strong flour and leave mature in a refrigerator at a temperature of 3 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 24-48 hours.

Once the ripening phase of the dough, pull it out of the refrigerator so it starts fast leavening process. When your dough is leavened can start the drafting of dough. If you are among those who use a rolling pin to roll out the pizza, I suggest reading our previous post entirely devoted to hand-writing, can be found here.

Pizza with mushrooms and peppers

Seasoning pizza.

Spread over the pizza surface a thin layer of tomato. Add the mushrooms and peppers, Finally add the mozzarella at your leisure.

Bake in oven for pizza 300 degrees for three or four minutes, You understand when it is ready when the edge has reached a perfect golden brown.

Remove from the oven, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and the leaves fresh basil inevitable that, as well as giving an aesthetic touch, They give you a pleasant scent to your pizza.

Serve piping hot to your guests.

Below the video of the preparation of this fragrant pizza a unique taste


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