Pizza Con More Ceci and Olive

Pizza Con More Ceci and Olive. Our friend Juan from Chile must have come a long way. He enrolled at our Professional training course at our school and on his return to Santiago he has already opened his pizzeria. I recall with great pleasure the first days of the course when I told him clearly that I would have taught him to prepare the perfect foundations for its pizzas to propose to his country, but then much of the creative work should have done him personally adding local ingredients, that is, those that are part of the culture of their country.

During testing we have done in the laboratories of our school pizza had a blast and wanted omaggiarci of this delicious pizza that fully reflects the culture of his people.

Pizza Con More Ceci and Olive
Pizza Con More Ceci and Olive

Pizza Con More Ceci and Olive

We felt by phone a few days ago and he confirmed that he entered this pizza in the list of delights that offers daily to its customers.

Corn and peas are popular in her area. The preparation of this pizza does not require any difficulty as these ingredients can be found in any other country.

Pizza Con More Ceci and Olive
Pizza With Corn Ceci and Olives recipe

Pizza Con More Ceci and Olive

My friends Italian pizza makers will probably turn up their noses at this pizza from uncommon ingredients, but as says the famous Latin expression widespread non-classical: "There is no disputing about tastes and colors.

Open your eyes, the world is big as well as people's tastes are varied.

Pizza Con More Ceci and Olive

Below the video of the preparation of this pizza.


Pizza Con More Ceci and Olive

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