Pizza with Mozzarella Bacon and Cherry Tomatoes

Pizza with Mozzarella Bacon and Cherry Tomatoes

Pizza with Mozzarella Bacon and Cherry Tomatoes. Today in our School of Pizza Makers we have a guest who comes from Bulgaria. This is Rado who will soon open his pizzeria in Sofia.

If you are traveling on vacation to the beautiful Bulgarian capital, go and visit him. I guarantee the quality of the pizzas he produces.

Pizza in the European capitals

The pizza we prepare today is one of my favorites, a few simple ingredients, but quality. It is precisely a pizza with a mozzarella base, with a few slices of seasoned bacon cut into thin slices and cherry tomatoes.

A few minutes in the oven for perfect browning and immediately devoured as soon as it is baked.


Pizza with Mozzarella Bacon and Cherry Tomatoes

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Silvio Cicchi