Pizza With Bacon Ham and Cherry Tomatoes

Pizza With Bacon Ham and Cherry Tomatoes

Pizza With Bacon Ham and Cherry Tomatoes. A good day to all lovers of good pizza. Today in our "School of Pizza Makers"Let's prepare another fantastic and delicious pizza. This is a delicious pizza with great ingredients. On a tomato and mozzarella base, we added some thinly sliced ​​bacon, of excellent quality cooked ham and classic cherry tomatoes.

I love it Cherry tomatoes, but they are preferable during the summer months, when they ripen with the sun, I don't like the "industrial" ones that come from artificially matured greenhouse crops.

Pizza With Bacon Ham and Cherry Tomatoes
Pizza With Bacon Ham and Cherry Tomatoes

Delicious Bacon Ham and Cherry Tomatoes

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Bacon, Ham and Cherry Tomatoes A Winning Trio

For all those who want to prepare this tasty pizza at home, here is the video that will make your job easier.


The Super Pizza

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