Pizza with Chopped Crab

Pizza with Chopped Crab. Today we will prepare a special pizza, slightly more challenging than usual, not so much for the preparation of the base, but for the preparation of the ingredients that make up this tasty pizza.

The crab

The fish unlike many other dishes from our kitchen, It requires some special knowledge in the preparation, then we will move forward step by step in the preparation of this pizza.

Pizza with Chopped Crab
Pizza with Chopped Crab

Shellfish, for example, fall into this category that requires special preparation, but very simple. There are many species in this family, in this guide we will see how to prepare the crab to use it as an ingredient for a good pizza.

Pizza with Chopped Crab

The Sea Crab is a mollusk with a very hard shell and has "claws" rich in pulp. It has a delicious pulp inside the shell. To start put to boil the crab in a pot with salted water for about 15 minutes, you will notice that the crab slowly take on a reddish color.

Once the first step, arm yourself with a good knife and open the crab, being careful not to break its shell, avoiding that annoying pieces of the shell may end up accidentally between its pulp. Remove all the pulp including that contained in the claws and place in a pan on the fire along with two garlic cloves without shirt and shaded everything with a glass of dry white wine. That's all, as you can see there's nothing complicated.

Pizza with Chopped Crab

Now we just have to prepare the dough for pizza. As usual, our goal is to prepare a light pizza easy to digest, fragrant to its exterior and soft and well honeycombed inside. To achieve this we will use a strong flour and leave mature in refrigerator 2 degrees for 24 hours.

Once the ripening in the refrigerator, We will pull out and leave to rise for the time needed.

Pizza with Chopped Crab
Pizza with Chopped Crab

Pizza with Chopped Crab

The drafting: Roll the balls of dough manually preserving the air obtained from the leavening.

The dressing: With the help of a spoon add the tomato, lying uniformly pulp previously prepared crab, a little bit of garlic cut into thin slices, an extra virgin olive oil, rosemary and a pinch of salt.

At this point we're ready to bake our delicious pizza.

hot oven and bake for a little over a minute until the board will be perfectly golden.

Remove from the oven, add a sprig of fresh basil and serve it still warm your lucky guests.

The following video of the preparation of this tasty pizza.


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