Pizza With Mushroom Sauce

Pizza With Mushroom Ragu

Pizza With Mushroom Sauce. If you are a gourmet this is the pizza for you. Follow our exquisite video recipe and prepare your house this simple pizza.

 Pizza With Mushroom Sauce. Today I suggest a really delicious pizza, easy to prepare at home, it's the pizza that includes among its ingredients a mushroom sauce. The pizza requires a simple and easy preparation, that instead requires a longer preparation is the mushroom ragout.

Before starting with pizza, let's take a quick reading on how to prepare a sauce done well to perfection. The sauce word indicates a meat sauce usually cooked many hours on low heat. He Romagnole origin, It composed of ingredients which may vary from region to region. In the kitchen they are also used fish sauce, tofu for the vegetarian or as in my case prepared with a ground of delicious fresh mushrooms.

Pizza With Mushroom Sauce
Pizza With Mushroom Sauce

Pizza With Mushroom Sauce

Preparing the sauce:

To prepare our delicious mushroom ragout, wash well celery carrots and peel an onion. Tritiamo all finely and let fry the vegetables with a little oil and the bacon. Add the ground of mixed mushrooms and saute for a few minutes. Pour red wine, mix well until all the wine has completely evaporated. At this point add the tomato sauce and the meat broth, stirring occasionally. Salt and pepper and cook over low heat for about two hours. Once cooked our sauce is ready for use.

Pizza With Mushroom Sauce

Now we can do is prepare the dough for pizza. Use a medium strength flour (w270-w300) and let rise at least 24 hours in the refrigerator.

he spent the 24 hours, roll out the balls of pizza to form the dough disks with a diameter of 33 cm. Season with a tomato wire, the sauce of mushrooms and mozzarella.

Bake in your oven at 300 degrees centigrade and simmer for 3 the 4 minutes, until it is golden.

Baked pizza, add a few leaves of fresh basil and serve while still hot to your guests. assured success.

Below is a video of Martha who came to our school from Brazil to attend one of our workshops to become a professional pizza makers.



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