Pizza with Garlic Artichoke Tomato and Ham

Pizza with Garlic Artichoke Tomato and Ham. Today we speak of a classic pizza which sees among its ingredients the artichokes, the cherry tomatoes and ham.

This week our guest "School Pizza"Is Mr.. Diego, who is carrying our ongoing professional pizzaiolo. Arriving in time for lunch we decided to prepare this simple but at the same time delicious pizza.

The first thing to do was to prepare a good mix well hydrated using a strong flour, one w280. This type of flour as you well know needs a long maturation in refrigerator 2 degrees for a minimum of 24 hours, but it will prove to be better after 48 the 72 hours.

After the preparation of the mixture we extract dall'impastatrice and allowed to stand 10 minutes. The next step was to divide it into pieces 270 grams, round up good balls, place them in the appropriate containers dough door and place them in cold storage for slow maturation.

After the long rest in the cold, we let the dough rise. Despite our wood-burning oven on, the laboratory during the winter does not record its pleasant temperatures, then the waiting time for a perfect leavening were long enough, we got to 6 leavening hours before the balls had doubled their initial volume.

Pizza with Garlic Artichoke Tomato and Ham
Pizza with Garlic Artichoke Tomato and Ham

Pizza with Garlic Artichoke Tomato and Ham

Drawing up:

As you'll see from the video below, all of our students spend a lot of time to learn the manual drafting of pizza. We have available in our laboratories a Pizza stretchers machine, But I insist that all future pizza chefs attending our ongoing professional pizzaiolo learn some hand-editing. The results obtained are far superior to those that can offer a machine.

Pizza with Garlic Artichoke Tomato and Ham
Pizza with Garlic Artichoke Tomato and Ham recipe

Pizza with Garlic Artichoke Tomato and Ham

Once the fast and simple setting manually routing we went immediately to the dressing.

By helping with a spoon we added the tomato. Usually the pizza needs 80 grams of tomato well distributed on the surface, taking care not to soil the edge. Afterwards we placed evenly the slices of artichokes, well seasoned succulent grape tomatoes with oil, salt and oregano and finally we added the cooked diced ham.

Pizza with Garlic Artichoke Tomato and Ham

After the delicate phase of seasoning we immediately fired our pizza. In our wood oven at a temperature which is around 350 degrees, pizza took just over a minute to get a perfect golden brown.

At this point we baked our pizza to stop the strange tingling rising from our stomach.

Pizza with Garlic Artichoke Tomato and Ham

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