Pizza with tuna and black olives

Pizza with tuna and black olives

Pizza with tuna and black olives. We continue with the series of pizzas that have tuna among its ingredients. Today we talk about a simple pizza, but with a unique flavor. The most classic of daisies with a sprinkling of good tuna slices in extra virgin olive oil with a leaf of fresh basil and lots of pitted black olives.

Pizza with tuna and olives is a favorite of children, and not just those. Adults are crazy. Have in their pizzeria menu, or prepare it at home for dinner guests, It is successful.

The preparation of this pizza is very simple, I am sure of the success from the first shot.

Pizza with tuna and black olives

To obtain a good pizza, we will have to buy a just flour, which is the best flour to prepare a good pizza? Some weeks ago, we published an interesting guide flour for pizza. I suggest a quick re-reading of our precious guide you will find here.

Means the dough for pizza

Divide into balls 250/270 grams and deponetele in containers with lid in the refrigerator for leavening.

Pizza with tuna and black olives
Pizza with tuna and black olives

Pizza with tuna and black olives

Once the rising phase, roll out the pizza with your hands to form the dough disks with a diameter of 33 cm. For all those who want to know more about the manual drafting of pizza, there is a detailed guide that explains step by step how to do, also it contains some illustrative videos. You can find it here.

Tomato: with a spoon, roll out the tomato, crumble the tuna and add a generous layer of mozzarella.

Bake at 300 degrees for a few minutes and your pizza will be ready.

In the video below Domingos who is attending the professional course for pizza at our school pizza, It prepares us precisely this delicious pizza with tuna.

On our site there is a very good professional course of pizza ONLINE. It 'very well structured, you can access it at any time during the day, when you are free from commitments, It contains many items, tricks and secrets to prepare at your home a quality pizza. The online course also contains lots of easy to follow videos that explain the process step by step. You can find it here.


On our YouTube channel you can watch many videos on the preparation of the pizza. Visit my youtube channel


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