Pizza Contadina The Original Recipe

Pizza Contadina The Original Recipe

Pizza Contadina The Original Recipe. It may seem very strange what I am about to tell you, But that's the truth. Over the years, most of the pizza makers, Fortunately, not all, have “lost” the recipe and the ingredients that have always over the years were added to pizza to prepare the famous peasant pizza. If you Google the words “pizza peasant” you find 342.000 results of recipes and articles describing the peasant pizza. What is more strange, It is the fact that they are all different. There is a recipe alike. How is it possible. All these new pseudo chef circulating on television, They have just started to behave like Americans. For them, the pizza is nothing more than a container on which slam some ingredients and….done. So on and so forth.

Horrible!!! The pizza, famous all over the world, representing the Italian culture, and as such should be treated with a little’ more respect. Then do not complain if we see pizzas with chicken or pizza to sliced ​​beef!

Ask a Bolognese if ever would prepare tortellini without mortadella.

The peasant pizza since the early 60, had the same recipe throughout Italy. You could be sure that turning from Milan to Palermo on the pizza menu you would have found: Contadina pizza - Tomato, mozzarella, sausage, pickled mushrooms and vegetables.

Today is different, we are forced to read the ingredients of any pizza on the menu, everyone feels free to call a pizza with a stage name and add the ingredients in the fridge overflowing, to avoid they go bad, also it happens that the same pizza once it is served in a way, and another with other ingredients.

Rightly, we live in a democracy, then everything is permitted.

Pizza Contadina The Original Recipe
Contadina Pizza Recipe OriginalePizza Contadina The Original Recipe

Pizza Contadina The Original Recipe

Irrespective of what is happening around us, go straight on our road, pizzaiole respecting the traditions and prepare our Pizza Contadina using The Original Recipe.

The dough for pizza that use, It is the same as always, I use it now 41 years and before me was also used my teacher Gennaro 41 years ago had more than 70. You can find it here.

After preparing the dough, divide into balls weighing 250/270 grams, arrotondatele and place them in a container with a lid and let rise. If any of you would need suggestions or advice on rising, consult this my previous post entirely dedicated to the leavening.

Once the leavening phase, roll out the balls of pizza to form the dough disks with a diameter of 33 cm.

Pizza Contadina The Original Recipe
condiments:Pizza Contadina The Original Recipe

Pizza Contadina The Original Recipe

THE seasoning of peasant pizza.

Add the disks of dough ingredients in this order:

Two tablespoons of tomato, the roasted or raw mushrooms into thin slices if you prefer, crumbled sausage, a generous layer of mozzarella and finally settled on the surface of the vegetables in oil well drained, trying to distribute evenly, thus giving your pizza decent and presentable appearance. Remember that first and foremost “you eat with your eyes”.

After your pre-heated oven at a temperature of 300 degrees, bake your pizzas. Employ fewer than 5 minutes to cook, when the edge of the pizzas will be perfectly golden, baked. Add a few leaves of fresh and fragrant basil and serve to your guests.

The peasant is a delicate pizza strong flavors, it is good to combine it with a young red.

Pizza Contadina The Original Recipe
Pizza Contadina The Original Recipe

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