Pizza and Mushrooms a Perfect Marriage: Recipe

The mushroom pizza is certainly one of the most requested in every pizzeria in the world. Mushrooms pleasant aroma and delicate, are highly appreciated by all, and contain a multitude of minerals and vitamins.

mushroom pizza
Mushroom Pizza

The fungi most commonly used for pizza, are of the type mushroom and porcini.

Mushroom: Also commonly called prataioli, are the most widely cultivated mushrooms, are delicious on pizza, both raw and sautéed.

Porcini: Mushrooms porcini are fragrant and very fine, belong to the family of boletes, are readily available in every supermarket, Fresh, pickled or frozen.

Champignon mushrooms should not be washed, but if you are willing to do so, do it very quickly under running water, because they absorb a lot of water and this will impact on the final result. As is known, all mushroom pickers use knife, brush and a cloth for cleaning the fungi, but no water. The porcini mushrooms should never be washed.

mushroom pizza
Mushroom Pizza

As an ingredient for the pizza mushrooms can be matched with an infinity of other ingredients: The ham, sausage, bacon, i carciofini, pesto, and it is equally the same exquisite pizza with mixed mushrooms.

The dough to prepare pizza to fungi is the same for all other types of pizza and for the doses and ingredients click here.

After spread the dough Pizza, add the tomatoes and sprinkle with a spoon on the basis, add mushrooms and cover with a layer of mozzarella.

Bring your oven at a temperature of 200-250 degrees and when it is hot bake your pizza mushrooms.

After 15 minutes check the doneness of your pizzas, and only when the board will prove to be perfectly golden baked and served piping hot your pizza.

mushroom pizza
Mushroom Pizza

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If you want to know more about the porcini mushrooms, laws this article his wikipedia.

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