Pizza and Salad Recipe Video

Pizza and Salad Recipe Video

Pizza and Salad Recipe Video. To introduce you to this pizza, we have to make a leap back to the years preceding the birth of Christ, when Roman soldiers used to eat a dish that was nothing but a flatbread pizza cereals (Here he was born the famous Romanian Pinsa) on which rested a few pieces of meat, it's appropriate to say ... even they ate the dish.

During the practical courses of pizza we do in our school, we have prepared this simple recipe which provides a simple flatbread pizza to serve as a container into which serves classic and mixed salad.

Following the video Afonso who this week is playing the practical course, you can also prepare you with ease at home or in your business, this delicious bowl to be served stuffed with a great salad. You will see that your guests also will eat the plate.

Pizza and Salad Recipe Video
Pizza and Salad Recipe Video

Pizza and Salad Recipe Video


Prepare the dough with a medium-strength flour, w270, formed of the dough balls from 270 grams, place them in the appropriate containers and away in the refrigerator, letting it rest for leavening and maturation 3 degrees for 24 hours.

Drawing up: Roll the ball to form discs of a diameter of about 20 cm. The disk of dough will have a thickness of 0,5 centimeters and will be enough to swell like a balloon once it is inserted into the oven at 300 Celsius degrees.

Watch the video carefully:


Pizza and Salad Recipe Video

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