Pizza & Catering

Pizza & Catering

PIZZA E RISTORAZIONE Intervista ad Alfredino Macellari titolare del ristorante “Rosy Food” in via the work Centobuchi Monteprandone, You – Italy.

1)Pizza and restaurant, that the relationship?.

narrow. Often, pizza and catering are the same thing. notoriously, the ingredients to make a good pizza contain all the essential foods.

2)He feels the crisis in recent years in pizzeria?

Even in times of crisis, the consumer can not be deprived of food. folds, it's clear, on more "poor" foods. The pizza is generally associated with the most "poor restaurant". Though, in truth, not at all. E’ senz’altro più economica, albeit one of the most complete and tasty food.

Pizza & Catering
Mr.. A.Macellari right in the picture during the interview.

Pizza & Catering

3)E’ more productive work with the restaurant or the pizzeria?

There is no difference. The important thing is to have satisfied customers. The restaurant consists of a myriad of variables. A plate "rich", of 20 euri, for example, It may involve a cost of 60/70% of raw material. The pizza shop, instead, although more modest revenues, It has relatively low raw material costs.

4)It proposes new initiatives for its customers?

This is not real initiatives. In the restaurant it must be scrupulous and careful in preparing each food. Lobster cooked badly, for example, vale meno di una “margheritacucinata bene. A basil leaf withered, used to adorn a simple plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce , può “rovinarel’estetica del piatto. E, and to, when you eat, si utilizzano “tuttii sensi . Also the view. The sense of smell.

5)How many hours he is engaged in the daily management of its business?

I never counted. The rest, the management of a pizzeria or a restaurant constitutes, at the same time, work and play together. Otherwise you can not do.

Pizza & Catering

Pizza & Catering
The bar restaurant Rosy

6)Tell me what has been the greatest satisfaction that he had so far…

The satisfaction is daily. Make sure that your customers are happy with the food and service is priceless. E’ come far gol per un calciatore… E’ come avere un orgasmogastronomico, si capisce… (Mr.. Alfredino smiles pleased with his own joke)

7)lei, usually, what you eat?

First of all, I do not eat in the dining room. In living memory no one has seen me eat in the dining room. I do not think properly towards my customers. My favorite food?: spaghetti with tomato sauce perfumed with two leaves of fresh basil. Or a strictly pizza "daisy". accompanied, both, by a white sauvignon cup.

8)What it does not like in the dining?

Excessive handling of simple things. For example, I often speak of "aperitif", also with pizza. I find it contradictory. The pizza, always for example, It is a complete food: It can not be accompanied by a Campari or a prosecco. but, with the wine, or with beer. Anyhow, mai con la coca cola

Pizza & Catering
Logo of the pizza restaurant Rosy

9)A nice story to tell happened in his restaurant..

(Mr.. Alfredino reflects long, deep in thought. He lights a cigarette and, very serious, responds). I do not know if it's cute. I think an anecdote certainly uplifting. from us, in our restaurant "Rosy", It comes to dinner, almost every night, Also a comely lady. Always alone, reserved, fragrant and showy. It is the oldest profession in the world. Well, this unknown lady claims to have dinner in a reserved table, the corner of the room. But the thing that struck me is that this lady claims to eat with cutlery, dishes and only plastic cups, tablecloths and napkins, disposable. The other night, apologies of my curiosity, I asked: "Do you forgive me, I ask why not use the cutlery and traditional dishes?”. The lady smiled graciously and responded: "Right. Alfredino, she can not understand what kind of job I do. Well, out of respect to our excellent pizza restaurant, its customers, and above all to his personal kindness, ho deciso di non crearle nessun disagio con i suoi clientiChapeau, my lords!!. I did bring a bottle of sauvignon. series: ..quando il rispetto e la cortesia sono reciproci

Thank you Mr. Alfredino.

Pizza & Catering
Pizza & Catering

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