Fried pizza the Neapolitan version of pizza

Fried pizza the Neapolitan version of pizza

Fried pizza the Neapolitan version of pizza. Fried pizza is a traditional version of pizza that originated in the city of Napoli, in Italy.

It differs from classic pizzas for its round shape and for its soft and fluffy dough, fried in plenty of hot oil. Its external crunchiness and internal softness are characteristics that make it unique and delicious.

Fried and Delicious

Fried pizza is usually stuffed with typical ingredients of Neapolitan cuisine, like buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato, Neapolitan salami, cooked ham and cheese. However, there are also variants with other fillings, such as fried pizza with fresh ricotta or grilled vegetables.

The choice of ingredients is very important to obtain a perfect fried pizza, each ingredient must be fresh and of high quality.

Fried pizza the Neapolitan version of pizza

Fried pizza is a delicacy loved by Neapolitans and tourists who visit the city. It is usually sold on the street or in typical places, like the “chip shops” of the “pizzerias” where it is possible to enjoy it accompanied by a beer or a glass of wine.

In addition to, there are also pizzerias specialized in the preparation of this variant of pizza, where it is possible to enjoy a still hot and freshly prepared fried pizza.

Its delicious fillings

Fried pizza is a real culinary institution in Naples, with a long history dating back to the end of 1800, when pizza makers started frying pizzas for workers in the port and factories.

In that time, fried pizza it was considered a poor food and accessible to all, but over time it has become a specialty of Neapolitan cuisine appreciated all over the world.

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