Pizza Napoletana In Chile

Pizza Napoletana In Chile. This time I have a true international specialties you to taste. The member of our ongoing professional pizzaiolo This week is Mr.. Fernando from Santiago CILE.

After stretched and stretched out hundreds of pizzas, He wanted to prepare the Neapolitan pizza. So far nothing strange. During the preparation that I filmed (See video below) He explained that in Santiago when ordering a pizza, you prepare:

Pizza Napoletana In Chile
Pizza Napoletana In Chile

Tomato, mozzarella, raw tomato slices, cooked ham and black olives.

After having carefully laid out the dough for leavened pizza, Fernando added tomato, mozzarella, has carefully arranged tomato slices on mozzarella then added the cooked ham. Finally some black olives. She baked for 4 minutes 300 degrees ... and the pizza is served as Chile is ready.

Not bad; very good. Each country adapts the pizza to their culture. We Italians are not used to serving sliced ​​tomato on a tomato base, but many other countries do. I know a company that puts the Mac Americana sliced ​​tomato everywhere.

Below the video of Mr. Fernando who prepares the pizza "Neapolitan" as is served in Chile, Fernando, once the During pizzaiolo at our school, open your own pizzeria in Santiago in Chile.

Pizza Napoletana In Chile






Pizza Napoletana In Chile

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