Pulcinella Pizza Recipe and Traditions

Pulcinella Pizza Recipe and Traditions. Pulcinella is a symbol of the masks of the carnival tradition Napoletano. From the second half of 500, and its origins are still in discussion, the assumptions are different, some say that its name comes from a small chick given the similarity of the hooked nose, others associate it with Puccio d'Aniello, buffoon of a note the company of wandering period.

puffins pizza recipe

A servant long-nosed, bitorzuta faced with big cheeks, prominent belly wearing a long shirt, large, white.

There is a delicious pizza in the Neapolitan tradition associated with this character, called "Pizza Pulcinella".

Pulcinella Pizza Recipe and Traditions

The pizza is prepared with Pulcinella cottage cheese and pepper, but many pizza makers who over the years have changed the original recipe by adding the cherry tomatoes and olives combined with the cottage cheese are delicious.

Pepper is one of the most common spices today, It has many properties, is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, diuretic, It stimulates appetite, aids digestion and is a great help for those suffering from respiratory problems, anemia and diabetes.

puffins pizza recipe
Pizza with tomatoes puffin

Pulcinella Pizza Recipe and Traditions

Very easy to prepare, This pizza is highly effective for the combination of flavors, the delicate ricotta, spicy and aggressive that of pepper.

To prepare the classic pizza, you can follow the advice of this our previous article.

After leaving to rest the dough for leavening, roll out the disks of dough, spread on a thick layer of cottage cheese, season with pepper, extra virgin olive oil, salt and a few leaves of fresh basil.

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Preparation of pizza with cheese puffin, olives and tomatoes.

Bake in oven previously heated to a temperature of 200/250 degrees for 15 minutes and when the board will prove to be golden to perfection, baked your pizza puffins and serve piping hot.

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puffins pizza recipe
Pizza with cheese tomatoes puffin pepper and fresh basil

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