Pizza How Much Yeast to Put in Summer

Pizza How Much Yeast to Put in Summer

Pizza How Much Yeast to Put in Summer. Ugh, how hot it is in these days of midsummer. The thermometer never drops below 35 degrees, not even at night.

Trouble begins for those who prepare pizza at home, it is really difficult to control the dough, it takes very little, un po’ delay in preparation and it happens that the balls swell rapidly until they become acidic.

Check the dough with excessive heat

I remember that a few years ago I made a dough of 200 pizzas with approx 3 grams of yeast. And, just so, be careful to put very little yeast.

Pizza How Much Yeast to Put in Summer

How many grams? Never overdo it, add about one gram of yeast for every kilo of flour to the dough.

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Conclusions on yeast

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