Pizza Recipe reddish Fantastic

Pizza Recipe reddish Fantastic. Not long ago I dedicated a post to the famous Pizza Rossini. The pizza is famous Rossini in Pesaro, but now the goodness of this pizza has achieved and greatly exceeded the boundaries of our country. Dedicated to the famous composer Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868) born in Pesaro, Everyone knows why it was particularly fond of boiled eggs with mayonnaise. The Pizza Rossini has precisely the distinction of being a daisy with over sliced ​​boiled eggs and mayonnaise.

Pizza Recipe reddish Fantastic
Pizza Recipe reddish Fantastic

Pizza Recipe reddish Fantastic

The Pizza reddish she is the older sister of Rossini: A margherita pizza with addition of crumbled sausage and a delicious topping of sliced ​​hard-boiled eggs with the addition of mayonnaise.

Already I see the face of some readers disgusted by this strange pairing. I can assure you that the combination is absolutely delicious!! maybe you can discuss about lots of calories contained in this specialty, but the combinations of ingredients I assure you they are excellent.

Pizza Recipe reddish Fantastic
The pizza reddish

Pizza Recipe reddish Fantastic

Preparing the mix

Those who regularly follow our website, already she knows how to prepare a good dough, but if you are new readers, or you want to refresh your memory, here is what it does for you:

  • An excellent guide that will help you purchase the right flour to get a perfect pizza.
  • How to prepare the perfect dough for a good pizza at home or in your business or restaurant pizzeria.
  • Proving to perfection so that your dough maturity arrivals. Closely followed this delicate phase, avoid poor digestion of an evil leavened product and avoid getting up at night to drink water.

Once the leavening, whip out your dough from the refrigerator at least 2/3 hours prior to the drafting.

Roll out your pizzas until the dough disks with a diameter of 33 centimeters with his hands, pushing the gas rising from the center outward. E’ important to do the writing by hand, without using a rolling pin that inevitably crush the edge of the pizza. On our site, It is available in our article devoted entirely to drafting of pizza. It contains lots of videos to watch, in no time you will become the expert pizza makers.

Pizza Recipe reddish Fantastic
reddish Pizza

Pizza Recipe reddish Fantastic

Add the tomato. Circa 80 grams of tomato puree topped on each pizza, 2/3 spoons, not mettetene more, otherwise the ingredients “galleggeranno” on pizza.

Add the mozzarella and crumble the sausage over the entire surface.

Microwave 300 degrees previously heated and … bake!!

in about 3 minutes your pizza will be perfectly golden and ready to crank out.

At this point must be added the boiled egg slices and a drizzle of mayonnaise.

Do not forget to add a few leaves of fresh basil on the pizza before serving to your guests.

It is a fantastic pizza, your guests will be amazed.

Pizza Recipe reddish Fantastic
Delicious pizza reddish

Pair it with a good glass of Sangiovese, even Gioacchino Rossini would be happy and would appreciate your masterpiece!!

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