Pizza Tuna and Olive

Pizza Tuna and Olive

Pizza Tuna and Olive. The goodness of a pizza, for a gourmet, fortunately not measured by the amount of the ingredients with which the pizza is prepared, but by the combination of the same.

Tuna combined with green olives, is something unique and exceptional. If you are not sure of my statement, take a look at the menu of pizza and you will notice that this pizza is everywhere. Everyone likes, adults and children and is not heavy to digest.

Pizza Tuna and Olive
Pizza with tuna and black olives

Pizza Tuna and Olive

Prepare the pizza with tuna and olives at home is very simple, there's nothing to prepare in advance and avoid dirtying your kitchen. Tuna and olives can be bought ready-made at the supermarket.

In all pizzas that I prepare and propose on my website, that is a fundamental rule: Few ingredients but good. On the shelves of supermarkets in tuna department there is a choice, for packages containing the same weight, It goes from a price of less than one euro until you get to 3 the 4 euro, then buy a good tuna and is preserved in extra virgin olive oil.

Pizza Tuna and Olive
A pizza dish with tuna and capers

Pizza Tuna and Olive

Dough preparation.

All readers of my blog know very well the procedure of how to prepare the perfect dough to get a good pizza at home or in your pizzeria. If you want to refresh your memory, you can click this link, our article devoted to the preparation of the dough it will surely be of great help.

After the mixing phase, divide it into dough balls from 250/270 grams. Formed the balls and depositatele in a container with a lid.


The rising times can vary widely, It is ranging from a few hours if you have used a weak flour until you get to 24-48 hours of leavening in the refrigerator for those who have used stronger flour. It might be useful to the letttura Driving to the flour for pizza I made for the less experienced.

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Pizza Tuna and Olive
Delicious tuna and olives

Compilation of pizza

The drafting of the pizza is a very simple operation, if you're still trà those who insist to use a rolling pin, click here, in our post entirely devoted to the preparation of pizza, You'll find lots of videos and lots of useful information “hanging on a nail” the old rolling pin and roll out the pizza finally as an expert pizza maker.

Stretch the balls of dough to form the disks of dough the diameter of about 33 cm.


Smear two tablespoons of tomato on the surface, 2 tablespoons correspond to 80 grams of tomato sauce.

A generous layer of mozzarella, after well drained tuna oil with which it is stored, sbriciolalo on the surface, and then add the pitted olives. Personally I use green olives, but also the black are not bad at all.

Bake the pizzas in the oven pre-heated to 300 degrees.

Cooking will take about three minutes, but you need to keep an eye on the edge. When it will be perfectly golden, baked your pizzas, an extra virgin olive oil and a few leaves of fresh basil to complete your work of art. Remember the basil, It must never be cooked in the oven, but it should always be added at the end. Serve piping hot to your lucky guests.

Personally pizza with tuna and olives, I abbinerei a good young still white, a Verdicchio would be perfect.

Pizza Tuna and Olive
Pizza tuna and olives

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