Vegetarian Pizza With Pickles

Vegetarian Pizza With Pickles

Vegetarian Pizza With Pickles. For hundreds of years, i have been preparing in summer pickles. Preparing a pizza with this type of vegetables is one absolute delight.

I remember my grandmother who gathered many types of vegetables in the garden during the hot season, he boiled them with a mixture of water and vinegar and kept them in hermetically sealed glass jars to consume them during the colder season.

Use pickles on pizza

The preparation of this pizza does not require no difficulty, it is suitable for anyone. After having carefully rolled out the disc of dough, add the tomato, mozzarella and pickled vegetables. Bake until golden brown, Remove from the oven and serve hot to your guests.

Below is the video of the preparation of this delicious pizza, just talking about it makes your mouth water.


Vegetarian Pizza With Pickles

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Conclusions on pizza

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