pizza vesuvio

Pizza Vesuvio The easy recipe to prepare it at home

One of the first pizza I've learned to do in my long career as a pizza maker was the Pizza Vesuvio. My Master Gennaro of clear Neapolitan origin, This pizza had included among the items on the menu of the pizzeria where I worked as an apprentice pizzaiolo.

vesuvio pizza recipe
The pizza vesuvio

Today Pizza Vesuvio is only present in the menu of some characteristic Neapolitan pizzeria, rarely has the opportunity to be able to order in many pizzerias in Italy.

What makes this a unique pizza, is the fact that encloses 2 pizza in a.

For half a calzone, and half a classic margherita. The part calzone is stuffed in the Neapolitan tradition with ricotta cheese, tomato and salami,  half "Daisy" with the classic combination of tomato and mozzarella.

pizza vesuvio
Prepare the pizza vesuvio


These doses are for 4 pizzas to the plate.

Pizza Vesuvio The easy recipe to prepare it at home

Recipe homemade pizza
Ingredients Note
Flour 500 grams DO NOT use flour with baking powder already mixed in, or mixtures of meals. If you want to eat your pizza tonight for dinner, used a normal flour type "0", if it is produced from some local mill even better.
Water 300 grams Your tap water is not cold, around 20 degrees.
Extra virgin olive oil 1-2 spoons It is not of fundamental importance, but a few tablespoons of oil will improve the gluten of your pizza.
Sale 5-10 grams (1-2 teaspoons) Shortly sale, and never in direct contact with the yeast. To avoid making mistakes, add it to your mixture near the end.
Fresh yeast 2-3 grams It's not a typo, fresh yeast 2 the 3 grams. Consider that a cube of yeast bought at the supermarket weighs 25 grams, BUY therefore only a few crumbs. The granular yeast is fine but being done fermented dehydrated, leavening will take longer. Absolutely do not use the baking powder in sachets with or without vanillin..


If you are not expert with regard to the stage of dough and leavening, you will definitely be useful readingthis previous article.


Completed the leavening, roll out the dough so as to obtain 4 discs of dough.

Work in a bowl fresh ricotta with salami, cut into cubes, a pinch of salt and pepper, a few leaves of fresh basil and a tablespoon of tomato sauce to mix everything.

On one half of the disc of dough, add 2 tablespoons of the preparation with cottage cheese and salami, and close the half as you do with the calzone (see figure below).

pizza vesuvio
One of my pizza vesuvio

Season the remaining half with tomato and mozzarella, as you do to prepare for the daisy.

Preheat your oven 200 degrees and bake your pizzas for 15 minutes or until the edge prove to be perfectly golden.

Nothing easier. Excellent, crisp, tasty and nice to see.

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If you do not know the Vesuvius, Have a look at Wikipedia.

pizza vesuvio
Pizza Vesuvio