Portulaca Collection and Use in Cooking

Purslane is one of the herbs known, the plant with the highest content of omega 3. Dinner with a salad of purslane, It is the equivalent of a nice dinner with baked cod. And 'widespread in all temperate zones of the world, and not knowing the characteristics, all treat her like succulent plant pest.

La Portulaca oleracea

Portulaca properties and benefits

It is growing in the fields, in proximity to population centers, and it can be found even in the cracks of sidewalks in the middle of town. Its leaves are rich in mucilage, even its yellow flowers are edible, this fantastic vegetable contains few calories and is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Its fresh leaves have a content of omega 3 higher than any other vegetable green leaves. It is known that the consumption of foods rich in fatty acids and omega 3 greatly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.


Portulaca collection

Its scientific name is "portulaca oleracea" and might seem strange, but each region calls it by a different name: Procacchia, porcelain, grass pigs, rich grass etc.. In hot weather, when the weeds are scarce, It will be very easy to pick the purslane, because she loves the sun. There is no good thing in a fresh tomato salad with the addition of tender leaves and fleshy purslane, seasoned with oil, salt and oregano, Dish really refreshing. If it sounds interesting, you can enrich this dish with the addition of diced cheese, cucumbers and onions.

Plant portulaca

On pizza…

Back in the years "90" in a competition for pizza makers in Montecarlo, I presented a pizza named: "Pizza herb Valley tronto" In my eyes it was something exceptional, a white pizza with mozzarella melted with addition of wild rocket, purslane and mushrooms pioppini. The jury accused me of having a pizza made with the "weeds". Patience!! The knowledge of herbs is not everyone's cup!

The portulaca

Portulaca ... some recipes.

For true connoisseurs of herbs, counsel to prepare and enjoy a salad of arugula and purslane, perhaps with the addition of a few flakes of parmesan, to get your fill of omega 3.

And an omelette with this herb fat you've never tasted? Delicious.

Aperitif "greasy grass": prepared a batter, dip the freshly picked sprigs of this plant and fry in hot oil for a few minutes. Serve with a good prosecco!

It also has properties antiscorbutic, refreshing and diuretic, In fact in the history of the sailors on the ships they brought with them large quantities, they consumed during long journeys.

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Portulaca oleracea