Prepare A Fry Without Leaving Odors

Prepare A Fry Without Leaving Odors

Prepare A Fry Without Leaving Odors. I know people who do not prepare frying at home so as not to leave the persistent smell of fried in the whole house.

How do I understand them, but fortunately there is an infallible remedy to remedy all this.

Prepare A Fry Without Leaving Odors

And you know grandma's infallible remedy? If you don't know how, this is the article for you. Let's find out together how to break down the heavy smell of fried food from our kitchen.

As you say? Open windows? sure, it helps, but in the middle of winter it is not pleasant, and so let's see how grandmother did to fight the smell of fried food.

How not to leave bad smells

All you need is a simple ingredient: The lemon. Cut it in half, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into the oil and then add the lemon itself in the oil pan or in the fryer. Caution, do this procedure when the oil is still cold.

By following this advice we will not have the bad smells of fried food, and in addition we will have given a pleasant aroma to our fried food.


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