Preparation Of Pepperoni Pizza

Preparation Of Pepperoni Pizza

Preparation Of Pepperoni Pizza. This week in our School of Pizza Makers is present Mr. Nuno from Portugal.

Nuno will soon open its own pizzeria right near Porto, in the north of the country. If you happen to go on vacation over there, visit him.

Preparation Of Pepperoni Pizza

Together with Nuno we have prepared one of the most famous pizzas in the world. We are talking about the Pepperoni pizza. Do Not, it is not a typo, that's what it's called.

Although in Italy it is little known even by experts, Pepperoni pizza is one of the best-selling pizzas in the world. Very popular in the United States, in England and Australia.

Pepperoni Pizza, Delicious.

Pepperoni is a beef salami, a little bigger than a thumb with pepper and is slightly spicy, children and adults are crazy about it.

How it is made? Very simple, the most classic of daisies with many slices of pepperoni, you can find it on all the menus of Pizza Hut or on those of Domino's Pizza.

Video Preparation

Follow the video carefully to prepare it next weekend at your home.



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