Which Wood Use for from Pizza Oven

Which Wood Use for from Pizza Oven. The wood stove is alive. Not one exists equal to another. Each oven is supplied with the right wood for cooking pizza. Obviously depending on the type of wood that will be used, we will have different behaviors of the oven. The large ovens worship the brace to maintain the high temperature and obviously the flame to bake the pizza. Small ovens require ever flame to get to temperature faster and very little brace, otherwise riempierebbero embers leaving little room for pizzas.

What kind of wood is used in our bakery to get a pizza cooked to perfection and fragrant? Living in the country I have tested many types of wood, by sawmill waste to pruning of fruit trees, vines, or the various pruning the trees that line the rivers. Without any doubt the best firewood for pizza oven is the Beech, It produces a beautiful flame with which to cook delicious pizzas to perfection and produces few embers, also it issues to the products in cooking a good characteristic smell of a wood oven. Excellent quality-price relation.

Which Wood Use for from Pizza Oven

Pizza should be cooked with the flame, I love the flame.

Several types of wood to use in a wood oven pizzeria.

  • Which Wood Use for from Pizza Oven

    BEECH: +-brace flame Excellent value for money

  • OAK TREE: +It makes a beautiful flame grilled -fiamma beginning then slowly lowers and turns into embers. Excellent for the fireplace, the embers retains the heat for a long time. Costa face
  • OLIVE: +embers flame +. Hard to find very rare
  • CARPINO Low-cost alternative to oak.
  • ASH TREE, WOT: Used for more noble purposes
Which Wood Use for from Pizza Oven
Oak tree

WOOD NOT USE: Poplar and Chestnut because crackle, bits of glowing embers could end up on the pizza during cooking, This is wood for the fireplace.

Which Wood Use for from Pizza Oven

SPRUCE PINE RESINOSE contain toxic resins, also they transfer odors to the products being cooked (pane-pizza).

Which Wood Use for from Pizza Oven

Which Wood Use for from Pizza Oven

The wood must be dry and cured when you buy and with a moisture content of no more than 15%. The wet wood produces much smoke and no flame.

At last we now know which wood to use for cooking our pizzas in a wood oven. To feed our wood oven School pizzaioli where usually carry the Our professional courses of pizza, we use a lot BEECH. Besides the good wood, you'll also need a good flour for pizza, Fortunately, on our site you will find a good Driving to the flour for pizza. What kind of pizza you will prepare? You will definitely want to choose between one of our 300 pizza recipes freely available to all.

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Which Wood Use for from Pizza Oven