These foods should never be frozen

These foods should never be frozen

These foods should never be frozen. Unfortunately alas there are certain foods that do not they should absolutely be frozen. Read on because I will explain the because.

Freezing food at home is a widely used practice, too convenient to open the freezer and find ready dinner or any type of food.

Did you know that not all foods can be frozen?

Very widespread practice, but to avoid the proliferation of germs and bacteria or the loss of all nutrients, we will have to follow very specific rules.

What can terribly affect the conservation of the products that we are going to freeze, it's about the amount of water and fat contained in them.

These foods should never be frozen

The fruit and vegetables: Freezing fruit and vegetables involves the complete loss of nutrients and above all of flavour. The green leafy vegetables, tomatoes onions and cucumbers will no longer have any consistency once thawed, not to mention melon, anguria or pineapple, that being very rich in water if frozen they would lose all their own taste.

Cheeses and eggs: Eggs and all sauces prepared with an egg type base mayonnaise they should not be frozen at all. Likewise i cheeses, which once frozen lose their flavor and quality. Pecorino or Parmesan being poor in water they can be frozen. As for the put, well don't think about freezing it at all, then it would not thicken.

Freeze the sausages

Sausages and cured meats: As you have certainly noticed, in all supermarkets the sausages are strictly stored in the refrigerated counter. But have you ever wondered why they can't be frozen? Because these products would become oxidized and risk rancidity.

Really a little loophole for some bagged low in salt exists, just vacuum-pack it before storing it in the freezer. But my suggestion is always that: Eat them fresh, Or don't buy them.

One last useful tip

Rice or pasta: Big companies have been trying for a long time, on the market there is already seasoned frozen pasta, or a classic risotto, but the results are really not very encouraging, not to say awful. Pasta and rice, once thawed they will be overcooked and soft to put in your mouth.

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