Radicchio Use in Cooking and Recipes

Chicory. In the market there are many varieties of this plant, some wild varieties we have mentioned in my previous article on Dandelion, that is the wild radish for excellence. Today we will discuss the quality red, It is part of the family of composite and is a chicory, In fact, its technical name is Intybus. She loves the cold, its flavor varies depending on the region in which is produced, certainly the most famous (and the most imitated and forged) It is the "Treviso radicchio", the Red one, pleasantly bitter and crunchy. In addition to Treviso, it's easy to find the red Verona and The Red Chioggia.

Radicchio di Chioggia

They are divided into two types, those deep red color and those with variegated leaves.

Radicchio Properties:

Valuable ally of the cardiovascular system, our intestines, nervous system and skin. It contains many minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, football, zinc, phosphorus,sodium, copper, iron, manganese and B vitamins, C, E, K. Very useful in low calorie diets, valuable aid against constipation and for those who have digestive problems. Food much recommended for those suffering from diabetes type 2, its fibers are able to retain the sugars present in the blood.

Radicchio di Treviso

All the old ladies in ancient times the recommended to those who slept little and badly, Recent studies have shown that contains tryptophan which helps to fight insomnia.

Radicchio in the kitchen

It was cultivated already in 1500 as poor food for use as feed for animals. Slowly over the years it has acquired a success on our tables.

In the kitchen is used raw on salads to enrich color, famous its use in risotto, fried in batter or delicious on the grill.

Even the pizzeria took up this magnificent ingredient, if wilted in a pan then add the mozzarella on pizza, gives life to a fabulous combination of flavors.



Listed below, a list of the most common recipes offered by the restaurants of our peninsula.

Risotto sausage and red chicory

Radicchio and gorgonzola risotto

Savory pie with bacon and radicchio

Parmigiana Trevigiana

Chicory in a pan with raisins and pine nuts

What is your favorite recipe that often realize at home with this ingredient? Leave it in the comments on this page, It will be of help to all our readers.

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