Recipe Of Pizza Sarda

Recipe Of Pizza Sarda

The Recipe Of Pizza Sarda is depending on the original traditions Sarde a pizza thinner gauged with some of the ingredients of relief that are part of this land, Pecorino Sardo and sausage Sarda.

The pizza Sarda very similar to the esplanade times as thick, gossamer, which highlights the flavors of pecorino combined with Sardinian sausage, This type of sausage is similar to pepperoni that we usually use for pizza.

Pizza recipe Sarda
Pizza recipe Sarda

Recipe Of Pizza Sarda

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For ingredients:




Sardinian sausage or pepperoni

oregano and fresh basil

Pizza preparation Sardinian:

After making the dough rise for a few hours, roll out the balls.

Recipe Of Pizza Sarda

After having spread the balls of dough, season with the tomato sauce with a spoon.

Add a generous layer of mozzarella cheese for pizza.

Pecorino cheese, then add the slices of spicy sausage and green and black olives.

Bake in oven 300 degrees for a few minutes until the edge proves to be perfectly golden.

Remove from the oven and add a few leaves of fresh basil before serving to your guests.

Pizza recipe Sarda
Pizza recipe Sarda

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  1. Salve,How long does it take for a rise of pizza? I usually do it on 3 kl and dough the day before,I do well??

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