Sale Aromatizzato All'Origano

Salt flavored with oregano

Salt flavored with oregano. This plant is known worldwide for its aromatic properties. E’ a herbaceous perennial plant that grows wild up to 2000 meters above sea level. Its scientific name is Origanum and it belongs to the family Lamiaceae.

Salt flavored with oregano
A mazzett oregano

Oregano is not simply a herb, but a real medicinal plant to use to stay healthy and prevent many diseases.

It Contains Phenols, mineral salts, Vitamins, potassium and calcium iron manganese.

It can easily be grown in pots. The plant can also achieve the 80 inches tall, It has oval leaves just notched, its beautiful flowers are grouped into pannochhie that have a pleasing color ranging from white to pink. Its fruits instead, It appears as a dark colored capsule.

Salt flavored with oregano
dried oregano

Of this essential plant, in pizzeria, They use the leaves and tops that are harvested during the summer during flowering, They prepare bunches that are hung upside down to dry.

Salt flavored with oregano

In pizzeria oregano it is often used to flavor tomato pizza, on caprese pizza, or to flavor cakes like pizza Pugliese.

Many pizza makers prepare oregano salt to flavor their pizzas.

how to prepare:

After collecting the fresh oregano, prepare it in bunches and place them upside down to dry for 2 the 3 weeks.

When it is dry, put the bunches in a mortar along with the big and pounded salt for a few minutes.

The same operation can be done with a mixer.

Salt flavored with oregano
Sale all’origano

Put the oregano salt in glass jars with airtight cap so that the aroma is not lost with the passage of time, They will have a very long-term.

Salt flavored with oregano

Use it not only on the pizza, on tomato pizza and the buns, but on your tomato sauce for pasta, in sauce, to flavor the burgers and to flavor your favorite dishes.


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