Schiacciatine Herbal

Schiacciatine Herbal. Broach the subject “schiacciatine” I have always a huge pleasure, I'm going back nearly 50 age. During the time in junior high school, which corresponds to secondary school level today, punctually every morning at 10:30 the bell rang and there was “recreation”, the interval. Ten fantastic minutes, He went out in the yard for a little break and you ate breakfast. At that time, there were no vending machines do the baker who sold sandwiches, therefore almost all pupils, before going to school they stopped at a bakery to buy “savory breakfast” to consume during the interval. E’ here that was born my love for schiacciatina. delicious, fragrant, wrapped with classic wax paper and placed it carefully in its own folder in the well through the books. The wax paper, in contact with the schiacciatina, It ended almost every day to anoint some book or notebook he was in close contact with it. A little bad, the delicious scent that had books during the school year, alittle small drawbacks.

Schiacciatine Herbal
Schiacciatine Herbal

At that time, focaccia were elongated and of a thickness of about 1 centimeter. Crunchy, crispy and crunchy it was an absolute pleasure to devour.

Present Day, to meet the needs of customer requests, the schiacciatina became thinner everywhere, it is possible to find any form of, but fortunately the fragrance that distinguishes it has remained the same, intact.

E’ so that must be, shoal, golden and fragrant.

To obtain a schiacciatina of this type, you need to use lard.

Schiacciatine Herbal
Schiacciatine Herbal

On the net you see dozens and dozens of different recipes schiacciatina, unleavened, light with vegetable oil in lard replacement, vegetables and many other versions tasted and bought many times, but…. if you want to prepare the most classic and I would add the most good of schiacciatine, it is necessary to use lard. Only this type of fat can give this product the fragrance that distinguishes.

The recipe that we use to prepare it during our professional pizza maker courses pizza at our school is very simple. Anyone can engage in the preparation of this delicacy at home or in their own business pizzeria.

Schiacciatine Herbal
Schiacciatine Herbal

Schiacciatine Herbal


Ingredients to achieve fifteen thin and fragrant schiacciatine

500 grams of medium strength flour W270

300 ml of water at room temperature

100 grams of lard

3 grams of yeast

10 grams of fine salt.

Schiacciatine Herbal


Pour the water and yeast in a large bowl and make sure to dissolve well. Add the lard and slowly started to mix with the flour. When you have blended almost all the flour in the dough, Add salt and continue adding the remaining flour.

Finish machining of a work plan.

As I repeat in all my recipes, every type of flour commercially it absorbs water in a different way, then continue to work the dough until it has reached the right consistency, soft and supple.

Divide the dough into 10/15 balls, arrotondatele well and deponetele in a plastic box with a lid in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

he spent the 24 hours of maturation in the fridge, pulled out of the container and let it acclimate in a warm corner of your kitchen. In a couple of hours will be doubled in volume, then we can move to the drafting.

Roll out the uniforms and thin balls, half centimeter thick.

Season with extra virgin olive oil, salt and mixed herbs.

Bake in your oven 200 degrees for little more than ten minutes(It depends on the type of furnace used), the right time for you to reach that will serve perfectly brown.

The flat breads are perfect to serve as an aperitif for your guests, I suggest you match them to a light white, or a good prosecco.

Schiacciatine Herbal
Schiacciatine Herbal

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