Rising Temperature Of The Pizza

Rising Temperature Of The Pizza

Rising Temperature Of The Pizza. In our previous article, we have explained everything about the various types of yeast. Today we spend a few words on the process of rising.

The leavening process is formed by the effect of gases produced within our dough from live products, the mushrooms of our yeast. The bread or pizza will form a honeycomb structure (the famous air bubbles) that will make our product easy to eat and very pleasant to taste.

Rising Temperature Of The Pizza

Brewer's yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) it feeds on carbohydrates and produces gas in the form of carbon dioxide and ethanol. Our carbon dioxide is responsible for the swelling of the dough (air bubbles) while ethanol which is a type of alcohol, evaporates during cooking.

The temperature is very important to obtain an excellent leavening.

At the temperature of 2/6 degrees the yeast metabolism is blocked, in fact at these temperatures we ripen in the refrigerator. The yeast stick can also be kept in the fridge 3 the 4 weeks, but beware, because old cells lose their leavening strength.

If stored at temperatures above 38 degrees its cells slowly die and its leavening strength will be drastically reduced.

Rising Temperature Of The Pizza

At what temperature the leavening?

Above the 7 /8 degrees the yeast begins its work, the production of carbon dioxide occurs, even if the optimal temperature is between 24 degrees and 30 degrees.

Professionals use leavening cells set to 28/30 degrees and suitably humidified. And, because humidity is very important, without it a crust would form on bread or pizza balls and prevent them from increasing in volume (rising).

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