Using the Pressure Cooker Correctly

Using the Pressure Cooker Correctly

Using the Pressure Cooker Correctly. Let's see together how to use it, it's dangerous? Save money?Saves on gas and electricity costs, and it is worth learning how to use it correctly.

How and why the pressure cooker

Cooks food in half the time (savings) , a pressure is generated inside it which allows the water to boil a 120 – 139 degrees by halving the cooking times.

In the seventies one out of two families he owned one, but then it was forgotten.

Using the Pressure Cooker Correctly

Its functioning is very simple. It has an airtight closure, two valves are installed on the lid, the safety valve and the operating valve. The liquid turns into vapor which, when held, turns into pressure. The increase in pressure increases as does the boiling point, that's why foods cook much faster.

To use it correctly you must always read the instruction manual. At the end of the eighties it was abandoned for fear that it might explode.

The pressure cooker is dangerous?

Today the pressure cooker is back in fashion, consumption savings, his method of healthy cooking, two safety valves that prevent any type of explosion.

We can cook legumes, fish, Tomato sauce, ragout, stews, boiled, braised, risottos, pottage, soups, steamed vegetables and stewed meat. Less toppings, half oil and salt.

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