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QR Code ... what?
QR Codes are an evolution of the traditional bar code. With QR codes can be represented in a two-dimensional graph over 4.000 alphanumeric characters. QR Codes can be printed on posters, books, corporate sites, billboards. The image can contain messages, photo, link, data and information which can be accessed
quickly. Just get ...

As you read the QR Code?
... All you need is a smartphone with a camera and a code reader installed. There are many. You are a few suggestions, in our opinion the best, for each mobile platform.

Barcode Scanner per Android – Player simple and intuitive. Includes a historic codes deciphered and allows to share on Facebook, Twitter or send them via email or SMS.

i-nigma for iPhone – With the camera of your iPhone and i-nigma installed you can control everything that hides behind a QR Code. Scanning is fast and the software works perfectly.

Barcode Reader for Symbian - Decipher quickly any QR code. You can save your favorites and share them with the Bluetooth, SMS or email.

BeeTagg for Blackberry - If you have a Blackberry for you the reader is BeeTagg. A utility that allows you to read and interpret QR codes. Also compatible with the data DataMatrix.

i-nigma for Windows Mobile - How iPhone for Windows Mobile the best solution is called i-nigma. Easy and convenient to use. Tip the mysterious code and i-nigma will reveal all the details.

Here's the generator QR Code Free, useful to create QR codes for business cards, sending emails and links to web pages.

Generate QrCode is simple: fill in the form fields, click on “CREATE QRCODE”, save the
QrCode clicking 'Right’ mouse, and 'Save image…’

Remember that to create an effective mobile marketing campaign is not enough to generate a qrcode!! Equally important is to have a website optimized for mobile devices, for the exposure mode and content of your message.

Possible uses of qr code

Business card
ask them to send an e-mail
open a website
locate it on a label of a product
download an app
contain a simple text message
to call a phone number
download a file or photo
link ad un video
send your IBAN for a bank
give discount codes on products.
and more!!!



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