courses for pizza

courses for pizza

NEW Professional Course Pizzaiolo 2022


Euro 26,00

Silvio Cicchi executive pizza chef

Online course to become pizza chefs ... Practical, simple, essential for your education with our method "easy to learn" ...The videos and technical explanations with attention to detail will help you become an expert pizza maker.

Here is the program step by step course of PROPizzaioloVideo ... every lesson has a duration of approximately 15 – 20 minutes.In total, the lessons are 11 for a duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes.Respects ourEASY METHOD... Repeatedly please review the lesson content, and if you did not understand some concept you can submit a request for help

The course also includes its EBOOK PDF

The online course PIZZAIOLO address all the most important topics to be able to perform properly the pizza is at home both in your business.

 Course Schedule:

LESSON 1...The flour: Such as flours used to prepare a pizza

LESSON 2...The yeast

LESSON 3...The recipe for pizza

LESSON 4...L’impasto

  • Dough by hand classic

  • Dough 24 hours of maturation

  • Kneading dough with

LESSON 5...I been shaped

LESSON 6... Leavening

LESSON 7... The drafting of the balls of pizza

  • Drafting video 1

  • Drafting video 2

  • Drafting video 3

LESSON 8... The dressing pizza (the filling)

LESSON 9... Cooking

LESSON 10... The final touch

FREE CONTENT... How do the calzone

You can purchase the video online course for BECOME PIZZAIOLO with CARE TEACHER, EBOOK PDF and in a few hours will prepare the pizza to your house like an expert just € 26,00


Do you have doubts? Do not hesitate, contact us.

If you want to send a message you can use contact form.

If you want to contact us by phone the number is +39 3476244362 (Responsible: Silvio Cicchi)

Buy the course!!  Secure payment through PayPal platform with any type of credit card or prepaid rechargeable. After the payment you will be immediately redirected to the page to download the course.

Once the download is performed (130 KB wee) you can open the file “corso.HTM”  with your favorite browser, PC or mobile phone, chrome, edge, explorer, firefox safely and follow all lessons.

New Online Course 2022 Euro 26 


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68 thoughts on “corsi per pizzaioli

  1. In the month of May 2019, I took my bags and went to take the pizzaiolo course with Silvio to the beautiful Spinetoli. The course is excellent since it is personalized and also because Silvio is an extraordinary teacher. I learned everything I am today about making pizzas. Also, the city of Ascoli Piceno and the town of Spinetoli are incredible, for its beauty and cultural and architectural wealth.
    I recommend 1.000% the course because in addition to this one, one can go sightseeing in that wonderful country.
    Greetings Silvio, I have great memories and love for that incredible experience.
    A hug from Chile friend!!!!

      1. Greetings Silvio. When I return to beautiful Italy I will visit you this time with my family

          1. Volerò fare il corso da pizzaiolo sono disoccupato mi piace fare la pizza

  2. Hello I am Franca but I live in Spain then flour are not the same and they are not as good as in Italy. But maybe I can bring something when I go to Rome. Can you recommend some good flour that easily find? The online course also includes the Neapolitan pizza? It's what I prefer. My intention is to do a good pizza at home for children and friends. Thanks Silvio

    1. I live in Spain and the flours here are of high quality. I often make pizza at home and use flour “great strength” the “medium strength”.
      Is. the harina de fuerza that sells the Mercadona is great for making pizza. I usually use in proportion 3/4 of flour of strength W 250-310 ed 1/4 of plain wheat flour (Wheat flour)
      The pizza is great

  3. Hello as I participate in this course, does not answer the page to register and how to pay and how much equals 26. 00 the euro

  4. Hello! With this course you learn how to make fried pizza in Naples?

  5. Hi Silvio. After completion of the course is given delivery of a diploma or certificate of professional pizzero?
    Thank you. Pedro

    1. Hola also i live in spain , you just have to ask some Italian restaurant for his phone ” provider” i live in granada, I have a big one in Malaga which supplies all the restaurants in andalucia.. you call him and buy him what you want.. bitter bresaola flour etc..

  6. Hello. Good. Noches.mi. First name. Is. Rosemberg. Some Schwery. Colombino. What. Me. You can. Recommend. It is. Course. On line. Well. I know a little. Of. It is. Topic. Y. I want. To learn. The. Pizza shop. thank you a. Hug

  7. Ciao,I would be interested in the course, however, I would like to know if you use the sourdough leavening. Thank You

    1. Hello Daniela. In our school we always use sourdough, while in the online course it is used as an example a dough with yeast.
      Thanks for your interest

  8. Hello Silvio Vídeo the course includes download PDF, clearly on your computer, but the videos are hung on a server or can be downloaded ????
    Se sono appesi in un server per quanti mesi l’accesso é autorizzato, dopo aver effettuato il pagamento??
    Grazie e complimenti per la web 👏👏👏👏

  9. hello! do you teach inpasto for pizza romana , in the pan? or alla palla in this online class?

  10. I'm glad I found this is my dream to learn and think I'm a great pizzaiolo, flours here in acholé are not the same as in Italy but I imagine its course it helps us to solicionar, I wish I could tell that the course is and how it interacts with you, the value and how is canceled, Thank you and hope to answer me.

    Note: you learn to travez a video or you contact us??

    Thank you

    Rodrigo Arratia

  11. Hello Mr. Cicchi I wanted to attend his course is a lot that I follow but leave me puzzled some claims of some frequenters of his courses and see Gianluigi Abdessamd look like copy paste because’ the chances that two people write the same thing doing the same typo épari zero greetings await an answer if you want to thanks.

    1. Hello Roberto. I exist, pizza makers can come to our school at any time. Every week it is planning a course. Frequent one of our professional practical courses.

  12. Many Thanks Silvio for a great course, you covered all the aspects of pizza making perfectly and also supplied, seemingly, a lifetimes worth of pizza recipes. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to indulge their passion for pizzas

  13. Mexico came from the 29/5/2017 (day of my Birthday) done during “pizzaiolo profesional” with Maestro Silvio Cicchi.
    Caro Maestro quieria thank you personally and publicly in this forumx your professionalism thanks to you I learned a lot during this course.
    The course was very well structured so that I was able to learn all the secrets needed to make a quality pizza.
    I advise all those who like me want to open a pizzeria.
    Thanks to the course in addition to know a serious Master ,professional and always available, Now I have one more friend Silvio a fantastic person. You in Mexico

  14. Good morning to everyone at the beginning I did not believe in online courses !but after attending the course of the Master Silvio Cicchi I changed my mind ! and a course that explains everything in detail and with mini precisione..lo recommend it to everyone and a very professional course .
    I thank all the staff pizzaioli school Di Silvio Cicchi
    Thanks A.Gianluigi

  15. What to say…nn beginning I believed in online courses!but after attending the Silvio Cicchi course I changed my mind !and a course after it explains everything in detail and with precision mini….thanks for everything

  16. Ho played the online professional course of this school and I have to say that I was fine because it is done very well; with this I was able to realize my passion for pizza. For this I would like to thank SILVIO CICCHI and recommend to subscribe to the course, It costs little and is very important to do so, both young and old. Thanks again..

  17. Why, while doing login, I can not find any link for the free course? Thank You!

    1. Hi Daniela. Once you have logged, the page “Members” there is the link to the free online course!Funny I should not have found. E’ one of the most popular courses in absolute, The practical test is performed on average by 500 new users per month.
      Stay tuned, Thanks Silvio Cicchi.

  18. Good evening sig.Silvio buying its course would learn to 100% L to make a good pizza dough X?I did three years L X pizzaiolo help but nn I ever made The dough… thanks, see you soon

  19. Dear good afternoon, I would like to do the course, I only doubt the Euro currency since I live in Chile and do not know if I can do this. Would appreciate help if you have information about.
    The other question is for books download in PDF if they are only in Italian Or there is possibility to translate?.
    Best regards,

    1. good question!! E’ You can pay the registration to the online training course 26 euro, with any credit card, from any country in the world in its own currency through “Paypal”. The lessons of the course are available in all languages, translated using the Google tool. The texts in pdf download at, currently available only in Italian language. We are working on the translation of the text. Thank You.
      Silvio Cicchi

  20. Hi Silvio, two months ago I opened my shop Pizzas in Rosario Argentina, I have two pizzeros and I honestly have never kneaded and now I think I need to know and I think your course will be able to better manage my business, which by the way is going well.
    Se paga on line ?
    It can be translated to Spanish?

    1. Hello Hector.
      Thanks for contacting me.
      E’ You can pay for the course via PAYPAL with any credit card!
      E’ You can translate the course in all languages ​​including Spanish using the correct Google tool that is already integrated into our website in the top left.
      Thank You

  21. Good morning
    The course one can also do this in my spare time, or is bound to schedules.
    Thank You

    1. Hello Louis. Just payment, you will receive your login credentials. You can access the course whenever you want, when you are free from commitments.

  22. hello Silvio!
    I live in Brazil and own a pizzeria there 28 years!
    My grandparents are Italian, but I, unfortunately, I can not speak Italian.
    How is the course fees?
    thank you

    1. Good morning Mr. Pereira!
      The payment of the course is possible through “Paypal” with any major credit card through secure servers!
      Thank You
      Silvio Cicchi.

  23. Hello teacher! When you travel, must attend classes online every day, or well buy the course and watch any time you can.
    A hug, congratulations for the work! And when you can come to Brazil, especially São Paulo!

  24. Hello, I am Fernando,I thank Silvio Cicchi teacher for online.vorrei courses take a hands-on experience with you as I do?

    1. Hello Fernando, Thank You. To attend one of my practical professional courses at our school pizzaioli, you can contact me at my number: +39 3476244362. See you soon.

  25. hello I'm in china and my intention is to open a short pizzeria 3/4 months…I wanted to know if this course can help me I'll cook with an electric oven, there are indications for this type of cooking in this course?

    1. Salve Sig. Giacomo, In the course of my professional pizza maker they are treated all kinds of baked, electric, gas and wood. Read carefully all information and items that you will find available.
      Thank You

  26. The combination of professionalism and friendliness distinguish the Master Cicchi, who has never abandoned me in the research and testing during and beyond the on-line course of pizza.
    Follow the precise instructions of the Master and the result will not fail to arrive… Pizza!!
    Bon Appetite!

  27. printing Amigo.
    I intend to enter the field of pizzerias, without fear of making mistakes, I want to make a COMPLETE course like this.
    Like this, I'm sure of success.


  28. I am Giselda Costa. I live in Brazil and I wonder if this pizza online course there is only in Italian?

    1. Sim, Giselda, the course is in Italian, but you can translate to any language with the tool “Google Translator” it is already integrated to our website. Just need you click the language of your choice. Any doubt,write us.

  29. I have no experience of online courses, Do you think that after this course I can make pizza at my house? With in your course I succeed in this endeavor? Thank You.

    1. Hello Roberto ... "GO EASY" ... with our online course to become a pizza maker will get good results already from the first time you place the pizza to your door, following the instructions of our videos. Your guests will be amazed seeing you make pizzas like a pro!!

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