wheat pizza

Integral Perfect Pizza - The Recipe

The wheat pizza is light, healthy, has less calories, is crisp, is good, date, Genuine, dietetics, has a lower glycemic index and has an intense flavor and natural, is high in fiber and contains some very important minerals like iron. If all this is true, because it is not used by everyone? And to think that at the end of 1800 when it was "invented" pizza, use was made of only whole wheat flour, processing flour "refined" the type "0" and "00" was invented only recently. In recent times there are many pizzerias that have started adding a percentage of whole wheat pizza dough, everything comes at the expense of the "look" but undoubtedly enriches the pizza taste and fragrance.

wheat pizza
Pizza integral

Before starting with the preparation, it is fair to add some helpful tips:

  • The dough for the pizza made with whole wheat flour requires much more time for leavening (twice).
  • Flours absorb much more water than refined flour, then, the amount of water that you will find in the recipe is indicative, and you'll feel yourself the consistency of the dough obtained, if it is too hard, add a little 'of water.
  • Many mixtures are made by adding a percentage of wheat flour and a percentage of refined flour to obtain a product easier to work.
wheat pizza
Pizza integral

Integral Perfect Pizza - The Recipe

Serves 4 pizzas to the plate:

500 grams of wheat flour

200 grams of flour "0"

Half a liter of water

5 grams of yeast

4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon salt

1 spoonful of sugar

**Each type of flour absorbs water in varying quantities. Always check the proper consistency of the mix.

Sift the flour (see it), Dissolve the yeast in the water is not cold(20 degrees)pour everything into a basin and began to knead. After all blended add the salt, sugar and oil, stir until the mixture is thick and elastic, until it comes away completely from your hands.

Divide the dough into 4 balls and let rise for 2 hours or until its volume will not be doubled.

A rising completed, spianate the balls, and seasoned pizzas at your leisure.

Heat very much well the oven 200/250 degrees, then bake your pizzas that will be ready after about 15 minutes of cooking, or when the edge of the pizzas will prove to be perfectly golden.

Bon Appetite.

Wheat pizza will be one of many topics that we will cover in the "course of pizza" that will take place from 10 to the 19 April. Read more about the course click here.

wheat pizza
Pizza Margherita integral

If you want to learn more about the flour, Have a look at wikipedia

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  1. Ciao,
    maybe it's a stupid question but you have to use 5g of fresh or dry yeast? I bought the dry yeast and he tells me to use a 9g sachet for 500g of flour. Also up to how much it is possible to make the dough rise?
    Thank you very much for helping

    1. Hi Valentina, Yes, it is possible, but…How strange cocktail!!! Of course your dough will need a long maturation in the fridge before being used. Thank You, Best regards
      Silvio Cicchi

  2. beautiful Recipe! The pizza is really very good coming. Thanks to have shared

  3. Good morning,Silvio Cicchi,I saw and I would like to replicate her recipe for whole wheat pizza if possible I might have divided doses for 1 kg of dough,whole wheat flour to sieve the bran remaining in the sieve have to replenish the flour?(I do not have the biggest screen) and finally I read that the longest It's very leavening ,But it is written (after 2 hours) and’ enough? I can also allow to rise more and if you up to what? Thank you and congratulations

  4. hello Silvio, I'm finding out a lot of interesting things, I make so many compliments for your blog, and I thank you infinitely. Since little use the semi-integral and integral flour, and I had never sifted (unlike white flour that always passed through a sieve), Now I read these your suggestions, I will do it! My screen has a normal network, It retains the bran, what can I do? Collect the bran that holds the sieve and add it to the flour that I previously sifted? THANKS hello Melissa

    1. Thanks melissa!
      Let the flour through a sieve to enrich oxygen. Maybe it is easier to find a sieve with a more net “great”

  5. I did the whole pizza following your own advice tonight and we are all satisfied 100%.
    Son managed to come up with a really good pizza, thank you !!

    1. hello Marcella. From personal experience only a dough with whole wheat flour would be inedible and hard as a brick. A single integral dough does not rise.

  6. Ciao, if combing the whole wheat flour, I do not lose the bran? Thanks hello Alice

    1. Hello Alice, Thanks for your question. You can certainly use a sieve with the larger apertures. Flour, as you read Article, sift only to further aerate the dough.

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