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Burns with oven, cookers, plate. How do.

Which pizza has never experienced the pain of a sunburn? Indoors, or at work, just a little distraction to procure a small burn with iron, hot water, plate, pots on the stove or with the oven. A burn, even if small, should be treated right away to prevent damage to the skin. Burns oven and stove: here's how to ease the pain and what absolutely must not do.

sunburn with oven

Sunburn from oven and stove

For sunburn of oven and stove here is how to do with the immediate remedies DIY.

The first thing to know is that the remedies of emergency household are valid only for small abrasions, slight, superficial and restricted to very limited areas and especially for the less sensitive parts of the body.

The mild sunburn have redness, burning and erythema, with bubbles that cause itching. The most severe burns, instead, occur with larger bubbles and color more pronounced.

The first thing to do in case of sunburn is to put the part under a stream of cold water, Also taken from the fridge, until the pain subsides and to create an analgesic effect.

to wash hands

When the temperature of the injured party starts to lower the sting is attenuated and phase begins healing. The burn is totally defenseless and are prone to various infections. It is therefore recommended the application several times a day creams with a high concentration of zinc oxide, that in addition to soothe avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

For more serious burns is better to apply antibiotic ointments and in any case it is always better to repair the part with the sterile gauze until the wound is healed.

In pharmacy exist dressings ready (He was io use) that release emollients and moisturizers.

The advice in the most

For sunburn of oven and stove must know how to do and above Don'ts. E’ well not use oil, album, potatoes, flour and talc because slow down the healing process and also are not sterile substances. Do not ever put the wound in contact with the ice because it could create additional injury due to the temperature difference. At Last, it is best not to scratch the blisters, but eventually crack them with sterile needles and disinfect them with non-alcoholic beverages.