Guide Flour for Pizza Which Use

Guide Flour for Pizza Which Use

Guide Flour for Pizza Which Use. This article contains the '”A B C” a pizzaiolo, a pastry chef or a baker. All those who are about to make pizza or bread in the store or at home should know perfectly the content of this post.

Guide Flour for Pizza Which Use
Guide Flour for Pizza Which Use

Guide Flour for Pizza Which Use

Flour…. because we do not give the right value to the flour that we use? Often we commit our first mistake in the preparation of the pizza from the choice of the flour we buy on the supermarket shelf. I'm tired of listening to complaints juxtaposed to a badly managed product, blaming your oven, leavening, the yeast that was not good or not has been put enough dough. From all this it was necessary to write again for clarification on this product which is the basic ingredient of bread in all the kitchens of the world.

Each flour has special characteristics which make it suitable for one or for another type of preparation.

We see all kinds of wheat flour, their use, the difference between their strength (The) and proteins, so we will be able to make the right choice in buying:

Guide Flour for Pizza Which Use
Guide Flour for Pizza Which Use

Guide Flour for Pizza Which Use


Flour 00 It is the most common flour, It is obtained from the processing of the inner part of the seed of wheat, to tell the truth when it comes to us, the 00 It does not contain anything more, considering that, in the grinding process are eliminated fibers, minerals and vitamins. It will surely be easy to work, but does not provide any nutrients to our body, Indeed there are many who say that it hurts, rich in sugars and difficult to digest.


Just less refined the 00, flour type 0 and widely used in bread making because it contains much gluten.


The high content of bran and wheat germ make flour 1 full of useful substances for our body. Very used for the production of bread, pizza, pastries and bakery products.


The flour 2 It is an integral seed flour, Highly textured and coarsely minced. Much easier to work with than the whole wheat flour. Precisely because of its degree of grinding the flour 2 leavens much more slowly than a 0 or of a 00. This type of flour is used in baking, a pizzeria and bakery for some types of sweets.


The unrefined grinding, from this type of flour a grainy texture to the touch. It contains the highest number of nutrients seen that the whole is milled grain of wheat. Although its use is very limited as very difficult to work, it is the best. If you decide to buy it, try freshly ground whole wheat flour in stone, the slow grind does not overheat the grain that will keep all its properties.

Guide Flour for Pizza Which Use
Guide Flour for Pizza Which Use

The strength of the flour

The flour is also classified according to its power (The). the strength of the flour is the absorption capacity of liquids during the dough and the ability to retain carbon dioxide during the leavening (see the gluten network of the pizza) and it is measured according to the contained gluten protein (gliadina+ glutenina).

A strong flour will be used for long fermentation products such as bread, pizza, Christmas panettone and Easter cakes with cheese, A weak flour is suitable for production that do not require long rising, type pastry, brisè pasta etc..

The strength of the flour find it written on the same packaging, the unit of measurement is the W, the strength scale ranges from weak to stronger 130W 500W.

Here's how they are used:

weak flours up to 170W

These flours absorb about 50% of liquids and are ideal for leavened flour like cookies

Farine medie da 180W and 260W

Absorb in phase of liquid mixture that can reach the 65% weight and they are used for products that contain an average quantity of liquid as the rolls.

Farine forti da 270W and 350W

absorb the 65 to the 70% liquid and is ideal for PIZZA. For a good pizza often prepares a mixture containing flour Manitoba. The MANITOBA flour is often used to increase the strength of weak flour, It has its own force of about 350W and comes to even absorb 90% of liquid.

strong flour over 350W

These flours arrive to absorb up to 90% of liquid. They are often used by pastry chefs to prepare delicious Panettone and Pandoro.

In Italy, specialists in Complicating matters is in force the law number 580 which, with its subsequent amendments provides that the bag of flour classification is shown in terms of ashes or the minerals that remain intact after refining: more ashes are low and more the flour is refined.

Soft wheat flour type 00 – 0,55%
Soft wheat flour type 0 – 0,65%
Soft wheat flour type 1 – 0,80%
Soft wheat flour type 2 – 0,95%
Wheat wholemeal flour – 1,30% / 1,70%

Guide Flour for Pizza Which Use
Guide Flour for Pizza Which Use

The flour protein.

Even proteins ( Gliadina e glutenina) They must be specified by law on the bag of flour. The minimum values ​​of commerce have these:

Soft wheat flour type 00 – 9,00%
Soft wheat flour type 0 – 11,00%
Soft wheat flour type 1 – 12,00%
Soft wheat flour type 2 – 12,00%
Wheat wholemeal flour – 12,00%

The hard wheat flour

For wheat flour as not to further complicate things we have reserved a separate article that you can consult by clicking here.

I tend to have in my school pizza makers of the students who come from other countries where the flours are classified differently, so I prepared a helpful valid table for you if you decide to make pizza to your guests while on holiday abroad.

Classification of flour abroad:
Soft wheat flour type 00 – Pastry flour
Soft wheat flour type 0 – All pourpose flour
Soft wheat flour type 1 – High gluten flour
Soft wheat flour type 2 – First clear flour
Wholemeal flour – White whole wheat
Durum wheat flour – Durum wheat semolina

Flour!!! In our professional courses of pizza at our school of pizza, the flour is the basic argument that everyone should know. A pizza maker who attended our course will be able to prepare their own perfect blend of flour, depending on the type of leavening that want to do. To learn more about our professional courses CLICK HERE.

If you want to learn more about the flour, consultation wikipedia

Guide Flour for Pizza Which Use


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