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Pizza by the slice or Round Pizza La Saporita Sfida

Pizza by the slice or Round Pizza La Saporita Sfida

Pizza by the slice or Round Pizza La Saporita Sfida. Hello to all my pizza-loving friends! Present Day, I will take you on a very special culinary journey to discover the two most loved varieties of Italian pizza: pizza by the slice and round pizza. Come on board as I share with you my personal experience and the delicious adventures I've had in the world of pizza.

Pizza by the slice or Round Pizza La Saporita Sfida

The story begins some time ago, when I was on holiday in Rome, the Italian capital famous for its delicious food and pizza in particular. After a long day of sightseeing, hunger started to make itself felt. My brother and I were undecided about where to go for dinner, but the inviting scent coming from a small pizzeria by the slice instinctively guided us towards it.

Entering the pizzeria, the atmosphere was welcoming and inviting. The tables were crowded with locals chatting happily among themselves, while the pizza counter was a riot of colors and flavours. I approached the counter with growing curiosity, ready to choose my first slice of pizza by the slice.

While I was queuing, I noticed a large selection of pizzas by the slice displayed behind glass. We were truly spoiled for choice: Daisy, Four cheeses, Ham and mushrooms, and many other tempting variations. Although I was tempted to try a little’ of everything, I opted for a slice of Pizza al Taglio with crispy bacon and chilli. The idea of ​​a thick and soft base, covered in fresh and tasty ingredients, it was too tempting to resist.

While I bit into my slice of pizza with gusto, I appreciated the perfect combination of flavors. The base was soft and slightly crunchy at the edges, while the crispy bacon and spicy chilli gave it a heady touch. It was a dining experience I would want to repeat again and again.

The Round Pizza: A Rooted Tradition

After my tasting of pizza by the slice, the journey took me to the birthplace of pizza, Napoli. Being an avid fan of this exquisite Italian dish, I couldn't miss the opportunity to taste a real Neapolitan pizza.

We looked for a traditional pizzeria in the heart of Naples, and there, I had the privilege of tasting an authentic round pizza, cooked in a wood oven. It was heaven for pizza lovers!

Sitting at the table of a small pizzeria, I observed the pizza chef as he prepared the pizza with skill. The thin base, slightly burnt on the edges, it was laid out with care and love. Fresh and local ingredients, like San Marzano tomato, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil, they were carefully arranged before popping the pizza into the blazing wood-fired oven.

As soon as the pizza emerged from the oven, I was enchanted by its simple beauty. It was warm, fragrant and inviting. As my first bite touched my tongue, I knew I had arrived in heaven. The base was thin and tender, while the tomato, the mozzarella and basil blended into a combination of flavors that danced in my mouth.

The Neapolitan round pizza had an authentic and delicious flavor that was hard to beat. It was a completely different experience than pizza by the slice, but equally unforgettable.

The Dilemma: Pizza by the slice or Round Pizza?

After enjoying both varieties of pizza in different locations, I found myself in the middle of a culinary dilemma. Both options had their advantages and disadvantages, but which one would I choose if forced to do so?

Pizza by the slice had the advantage of a greater variety of flavors and toppings. The possibility of choosing a different slice each time and its practicality made it perfect for a quick snack or to share with friends. It was the perfect pizza to carry around while I explored the streets of Rome.

On the other side, the Neapolitan round pizza had a soul of its own. It was a more traditional and authentic dining experience, a real journey into Italian flavors and traditions. The thin base and the unique flavor of San Marzano tomatoes made this pizza an irresistible option for those looking for authenticity.

A New Love: Pizza by the slice at home

Back home, I decided to further explore the possibilities of pizza by the slice. I started experimenting in the kitchen, trying to replicate the delicious pizzas I had enjoyed in Rome. I looked for authentic recipes and learned the tricks to get a soft but slightly crunchy base, just like the sliced ​​pizzas of authentic Roman pizzerias.

I discovered that the pizza by the slice could be customized according to my tastes and desires. I have created a variety of pizzas by the slice with fresh ingredients such as mushrooms, bacon, olive, cheese and much more. My kitchen has become my personal pizzeria, and I started experimenting with new flavor combinations.

One day, I organized a pizza evening with friends and prepared several homemade pizzas by the slice. The smiling faces and applause of my guests made me feel like a real pizza chef. Pizza by the slice had conquered a special place in my heart, becoming a culinary tradition that I would continue to cultivate.

The Return Home

Despite my growing passion for pizza by the slice, I couldn't forget the Neapolitan round pizza. I returned to Naples for another culinary adventure, this time with the intention of further exploring the tradition of round pizza.

I returned to the same pizzeria where I had enjoyed my first authentic Neapolitan pizza. It was like meeting an old friend again. The pizza maker, with his impeccable craft, he prepared pizzas with the same skill and dedication. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, and the heady scents of the wood-fired oven made my mouth water.

This time, I opted for a Margherita pizza, the queen of Neapolitan pizzas. It was a timeless experience. The thin base and freshness of the tomatoes and basil were irresistible. The buffalo mozzarella it melted gently on top of the pizza, creating a simply delicious combination of flavors.

During my stay in Naples, I also had the opportunity to attend a pizza chef course organized in Silvio Cicchi's pizza school. I learned the art and science of creating the perfect pizza, from the preparation of the dough to the pairing of the ingredients and cooking in the blazing flame of the wood-fired oven. It was an incredibly informative and fun experience that deepened my understanding of Neapolitan round pizza.

The Subjective Choice

As I reflected on these two unique dining experiences, I realized that there was no definitive answer to the question “Pizza by the slice or round pizza: which one is better?”. Both varieties had their own unique charm and value.

The pizza by the slice was versatile, convenient and customizable. It was perfect for a quick snack or to share with friends during a casual evening. The ability to choose from a variety of delicious flavors made pizza by the slice an irresistible option.

On the other hand, the Neapolitan round pizza was an authentic work of culinary art. Every bite conveyed the history and traditions of Italian cuisine. It was a more formal and traditional experience, ideal for special evenings and romantic dinners.

In the end, the choice between pizza by the slice and round pizza depends on personal tastes and specific situations. While pizza by the slice has become my favorite for informal occasions, Neapolitan round pizza remains a special option to be enjoyed in a traditional atmosphere.


My search for the perfect pizza led me to discover the delights of pizza al taglio and Neapolitan round pizza. Both varieties have their special place in Italian cuisine, each with its own unique characteristics.

If you asked me today which is the best, I would tell you to experiment with both and decide based on your personal preferences. Pizza by the slice is perfect for quick snacks and informal evenings, while the Neapolitan round pizza is an authentic culinary experience that is worth trying at least once in your life.

Then, dear friends who love pizza, don't choose between pizza by the slice and round pizza. Enjoy both and experience the culinary pleasures that both varieties can offer. Pizza is a passion that unites people, regardless of the shape it takes on your table. Bon Appetite!


Silvio Cicchi

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The Excellencies of Italian Pizza A Journey through the Best Regional Pizzerias

The Excellencies of Italian Pizza A Journey through the Best Regional Pizzerias

The Excellencies of Italian Pizza A Journey through the Best Regional Pizzerias. Dear lovers of good Italian cuisine and, in particular, of delicious pizza, today I take you on a journey through the different regions of Italy to discover the best pizzerias and their hidden secrets. From north to south, from the crunchiness of the base to the perfect balance of flavours, Italian pizza is a real culinary masterpiece, and each region has its own unique interpretation.

He North: Refined Tastes and Tradition

Let's start our food tour in northern Italy, where pizza meets elegance and sophistication. In Milan, the city of fashion, you will find pizzerias offering gourmet pizzas with delicious ingredients such as Parma ham and gorgonzola. The thin, crispy crust is a signature of these pizzerias, which place the accent on the quality of flavours.

The center: Heart and Traditional Flavor

Moving towards the center of the country, we arrive in Rome, where the pizza takes on a round and generous shape. Here you will find the famous “pizza slices”, sold by weight and often served in rectangular portions. The secret is in the dough, which takes time to rise, ensuring a light and digestible base. Add fresh ingredients like San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, and you will have a real culinary experience.

He South: Naples and the Art of Neapolitan Pizza

But no conversation about Italian pizza would be complete without an homage to Naples, where the real pizza was born. The pizzerias here still follow the traditional recipe, with the characteristic base thick at the edges and thin in the center. Buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil are absolute musts. If you are passionate, sign up for our pizza maker courses that we organize in our Silvio Cicchi pizza school, where you can learn the secrets to create the authentic Neapolitan pizza.

The islands: A Variety of Unique Flavors

As we move towards the charming Italian islands, such as Sicily and the Sardinia, we discover a world of unique flavours. In Sicily, the sfincione pizza will surprise you with its soft and thick base, topped with onion, anchovies and tomatoes. In Sardinia, the “Pizza” it is a delicacy, often stuffed with olives, onion and pecorino cheese.

Experience beyond Taste: Courses of Pizzaiolo from Silvio Cicchi

If you are passionate about pizza and want to learn the secrets of the trade, do not miss the opportunity to subscribe to ours courses pizzaiolo at Silvio Cicchi's pizza school. With years of experience in the sector, Silvio Cicchi shares his in-depth knowledge on how to create the perfect dough, choose the right ingredients and cook the pizza to perfection.

In conclusion, Italian pizza is a celebration of flavours, traditions and culinary culture. Each region contributes its own unique interpretation, creating an exceptional culinary heritage. Whether you prefer a thin and crunchy crust or a thick and soft base, there is a pizzeria in Italy ready to delight you. And if you want to create your perfect pizza, sign up for our pizza maker courses that we organize in our Silvio Cicchi pizza school. Bon Appetite!

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Silvio Cicchi

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Alla Ricerca delle Migliori Pizzerie d'Autore nella Mia Città

Looking for the Best Designer Pizzerias in My City

There is something inherently convivial and relaxing about sitting in a pizzeria and enjoying a slice of hot, crunchy pizza. Whether you are a lover of the classic Margherita or want to experiment with more daring flavors such as pizza with truffles, pizza is a dish that never disappoints. Today I want to take you with me on a journey culinary through my city, to discover the most renowned signature pizzerias.

It was a Friday night like so many others. I was tired and hungry after a long week of work, and the idea of ​​a hot pizza seemed irresistible to me. “Why not try something new tonight?”, I thought, and so began my search for the perfect pizzeria.

The first stop on my journey was there “Pizza of Dreams”. This restaurant is famous for its gourmet pizzas, prepared with high quality ingredients and a passion for detail. I ordered a pizza with buffalo mozzarella, Pachino cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, and i have to say i was not disappointed. The crust was thin and crunchy, and the flavors blended perfectly.

The next pizzeria on my list was “The Golden Oven”, a place with a long tradition of making pizza. who, I chose a sausage pizza, friarielli and smoked provola. The pairing of these robust flavors was simply divine, and the welcoming environment of the restaurant made the experience even more pleasant.

During my research, I also discovered Silvio Cicchi's school of pizza. Silvio is a master pizza maker with years of experience, and offers courses for anyone who wants to learn the art of pizza. I signed up for one of his courses, and I must say it was an incredible experience. Not only did I learn how to make pizza, but I also had the opportunity to understand how much love and dedication it takes to create every single pizza.

It doesn't matter what your taste is, I'm sure my city has the perfect pizzeria for you. Whether you're looking for a traditional pizza or a bolder creation, I invite you to try the signature pizzerias I mentioned. I hope my story has made you want to explore your hometown's culinary scene, and maybe of sign up for Silvio Cicchi's pizza maker courses.

Remember, pizza is not just a dish, but an experience. Take the time to experiment with new flavours, to discover new places, and to enjoy every single slice. Bon Appetite!


Silvio Cicchi

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How to recognize a good pizza at first bite

How to recognize a good pizza at first bite

Hello to all! Today I want to share with you my passion for pizza and the secrets to recognizing a good pizza at first bite. My name is Silvio, and my history with pizza begins many years ago, when I first tasted a slice of heaven in a cozy pizzeria in my neighborhood.

It was a rainy evening and my friends and I decided to take refuge in a nearby pizzeria to enjoy an evening of chat and laughter. As soon as I entered the pizzeria, I was greeted by a delicious scent that made my mouth water. It was the irresistible smell of freshly baked pizza, that spread through the air and created a welcoming and familiar atmosphere.

We sat down at a table and started browsing the menu, but I couldn't help but notice the many variations of pizza that were served in that place. There were classic pizzas like the Margherita and the Diavola, but also gourmet pizzas with unusual ingredients and daring combinations.

I decided to try one Pizza Margherita, a simple choice that puts the mastery of the pizza chef to the test. After a short waiting time, my pizza finally arrived. I looked at that marvel of pasta with shining eyes, tomato and mozzarella, and I couldn't wait to taste it.

At first bite, I knew immediately that this pizza was of superior quality. The base was thin and crunchy, just the way I like it, while the tomato was fresh and sweet, without being too acidic. The stringy mozzarella melted in your mouth, and the fresh basil added a touch of fragrance and freshness. It was perfection.

Since that time, I got hooked on the quest for the perfect pizza. I started frequenting different pizzerias, trying all kinds of pizzas and discovering new flavors and combinations. But during my pizza adventures, I've learned that recognizing a good pizza isn't just a matter of taste, but it also requires some attention to detail.

Here are some secrets I've learned over the years to recognize a good pizza at first bite:

The base: The base of the pizza is essential. It must be subtle, crunchy and slightly burnt on the edges. A good pizza shouldn't be too thick or too thin, but have a balanced texture.

L’impasto: The pizza dough must be leavened correctly. It must be soft, elastic and have a good honeycomb structure. A pizza prepared with a well-leavened dough will be light and digestible.

The ingredients: The ingredients are the key to a quality pizza. They must be fresh, first choice and well balanced. From tomato to mozzarella, from meat to condiments, each ingredient must be carefully selected to ensure exceptional taste.

Cooking: A good pizza must be cooked to perfection. It must have a crunchy base, but not burned, and the cheese must be melted evenly. Wood fired cooking is often a sign of quality, as it gives the pizza a smoky flavor and an irresistible aroma.

The creativity: At Last, a good pizza is not afraid to be creative. In addition to the classic pizzas, a quality pizzeria should also offer original and interesting variations. The pizza maker's imagination can lead to surprising and tasty combinations that make the experience even more memorable.

If you want to learn to recognize a good pizza at first bite, I advise you to sign up for pizza maker courses that we organize at Silvio Cicchi's pizza school. Here you can learn directly from the best pizza makers and discover the secrets of the art of pizza. There is no better way to become a pizza expert and fully appreciate every nuance of taste and quality.

Then, whether you are a pizza lover or a simple lover of good food, know that recognizing a good pizza at the first bite is a skill that can be developed with experience and knowledge. Don't settle for a mediocre pizza when you can taste excellence.

Sign up for our pizza maker courses that we organize in our Silvio Cicchi pizza school and find out everything there is to know about pizza. Become a true connoisseur and delight your palate with the best pizzas Italy has to offer.

Bon Appetite!


Silvio Cicchi

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the history of yeast in the preparation of pizza

The history of yeast in the preparation of pizza

Introduction: Pizza is one of the most loved dishes in the world, but perhaps not everyone knows that yeast plays a fundamental role in its preparation. In this article, we will explore the history of yeast in the preparation of pizza, highlighting the different types of yeast used over the centuries and the importance of proper leavening. We will also explore the benefits of enrolling in our professional practical courses, where you can learn the secret techniques to use yeast optimally and create exceptional pizzas.

Points to deal with:

Introduction to yeast in the preparation of pizza:

Yeast is a living organism responsible for the fermentation of pizza dough. With his action, yeast produces carbon dioxide, which makes the dough soft and light.

The ancient origin of yeast:

The use of yeast in bread-making and in the preparation of pizza has ancient roots, dating back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The ancient Egyptians used sourdough made from fermented fruits and grains to leaven dough.

The advent of brewer's yeast:

With the evolution of production techniques, brewer's yeast was introduced in the preparation of pizza. This type of yeast, derived from the beer fermentation process, it helped improve the texture and flavor of the dough.

The discovery of baker's yeast:

In the 19th century, French chemist Louis Pasteur discovered the role of microorganisms in the fermentation process and developed baker's yeast. This leaven, obtained from purified cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, it soon became a fundamental ingredient in the preparation of pizza.

Natural yeast and traditional pizza:

While baker's yeast has become the dominant method for preparing pizza, many culinary traditions have maintained the use of natural yeast. Natural yeast is based on the spontaneous fermentation of the sugars present in the dough, creating a pizza with a unique and characteristic flavour.

The importance of leavening:

Leavening is a crucial phase in the preparation of pizza dough. during this process, the dough is left to rest in a warm environment to allow the yeast to grow and develop the carbon dioxide bubbles. This phase determines the lightness and elasticity of the dough.

The different types of yeast available:

In addition to baker's yeast and natural yeast, today there are several variants of yeast available on the market that can be used in the preparation of pizza. Among these variants, we can find active dry yeast, fresh yeast and instant yeast. Each of them has specific characteristics and methods of use, offering chefs and cooking enthusiasts different options to obtain the desired dough.

The secrets to using yeast optimally:

The correct management of the yeast is essential to obtain a perfect pizza. Attention must be paid to the temperature of the water used to activate the yeast, the resting time of the dough and the methods of conservation of the yeast itself. Our professional hands-on courses offer the opportunity to learn the secrets and advanced techniques to use yeast effectively and achieve amazing results.

The benefits of enrolling in our professional practical courses:

Our professional practical courses offer a unique experience for lovers of pizza and cooking in general. You will have the opportunity to learn directly from our expert chefs, who will share with you their knowledge and secret techniques for using yeast and creating delicious pizzas. In addition to, you will have the opportunity to practice in the kitchen, putting what you've learned into practice and improving your cooking skills.

Conclusion and invitation to enroll in our courses: The history of yeast in the preparation of pizza is fascinating and full of traditions. Yeast plays a fundamental role in obtaining a light dough, fluffy and tasty. If you want to discover all the secrets of using yeast and improve your cooking skills in preparing pizza, we invite you to enroll in our professional practical courses. You will be immersed in a stimulating and educational environment, where you can learn new skills and connect with other cooking enthusiasts. Don't miss the opportunity to become a master pizza maker thanks to the Our professional practical courses.


Silvio Cicchi

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focaccia pizza,no tomato, with oil, salt and rosemary

The white pizza is a tasty and light variant of the traditional pizza

Introduction: Pizza is a dish loved all over the world, but often associated with a high amount of carbohydrates and calories. However, there is a delicious and light variant called “White pizza”, offering a tasty alternative for those craving a lighter option. In this article, we'll explore ten key points about white pizza, highlighting its ingredients, its preparation and the reasons why you should consider trying it. At Last, we invite you to discover our professional practical courses to learn the art of preparing white pizza and much more.

Points to deal with:

What is white pizza: The white pizza is a tomato-free variant of the traditional pizza. It is characterized by the absence of tomato sauce and is often enriched with cheese, aromatic herbs and other tasty ingredients.

The basic ingredients: The main ingredients for white pizza include flour, water, yeast, olive oil and salt. However, unlike traditional pizza, white pizza can be experimented with a range of cheeses, like mozzarella, pecorino, gorgonzola, and with various aromatic herbs, like rosemary, thyme and oregano.

Prepare the: To prepare the white pizza dough, it is necessary to mix the flour with the baking powder, add the water and the olive oil, and knead to obtain an elastic consistency. Allow the dough to rise for an appropriate amount of time before rolling it out and topping it with the various ingredients.

The condiments: White pizza offers many customization possibilities with toppings. You can use stretched curd cheeses, hard cheeses or even soft cheeses. In addition to, you can add aromatic herbs to give a touch of freshness and a unique flavor to your white pizza.

regional variants: White pizza has several regional variations in Italy. Eg, in Rome is famous the “white pizza with stripes”, topped with olive oil and salt, while in Genoa you can find the “cake”, a kind of thick and soft white pizza, seasoned with oil and salt.

The lightness of white pizza: As the white pizza does not contain any tomato sauce, it turns out to be a lighter choice than traditional pizza. You can enjoy it without feeling weighed down, but always with great satisfaction.

Pairing with accompaniments: White pizza lends itself to being accompanied by a variety of foods, like cured meats, cheeses, olive, grilled vegetables and salads. This expands the possibilities of creating a balanced and delicious meal.

The versatility of white pizza: White pizza is extremely versatile and adapts to different tastes and preferences. You can add ingredients such as cured ham, arugula, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and even seafood to create a unique explosion of flavours.

White pizza as an appetizer or aperitif: White pizza can be served as an appetizer or aperitif during a dinner or special event. Cut into small pieces or strips, can be accompanied by sauces or pickles to offer a variety of flavors and satisfy guests.

Discover our professional practical courses: If you are passionate about cooking and want to learn how to prepare white pizza and other culinary delights, please subscribe to Our professional practical courses. Our expert chefs will guide you step by step in creating gourmet white pizzas and will teach you the secret techniques to obtain a perfect result. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, i our courses offer a fun and rewarding learning experience for all cooking lovers.

Conclusions: The white pizza represents a delicious and light variation of the traditional Italian pizza. With its customizable ingredients and its versatility, offers a wide range of culinary possibilities. Its absence of tomato sauce makes it lighter and suitable for those looking for a lower calorie option. If you are interested in learning more and learning the techniques for preparing a perfect white pizza, we invite you to subscribe to ours Professional workshops, where you can discover all the secrets of this culinary delicacy and much more. Follow the link


Silvio Cicchi

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Pizza e vino l'arte dell'abbinamento perfetto

Pizza and wine the art of the perfect pairing

Pizza and wine the art of the perfect pairing. Pizza is one of the most loved dishes in the world, but the importance of pairing with wine is often underestimated. The correct pairing can significantly improve the gastronomic experience and make it even more enjoyable. Here are some tips to find the perfect match between pizza and wine:

Consider the sauce
The sauce is one of the key elements of the pizza and affects the pairing with wine. An acidic tomato sauce calls for a fresh, light wine, like a young white man. A sweet tomato sauce calls for a smooth, fruity red wine.

Pizza and wine the art of the perfect pairing

Think about texture. The texture of the pizza is just as important as the sauce. A crunchy pizza requires a light and sparkling wine, while a soft pizza requires a more full-bodied and structured wine.

Consider the ingredients
The ingredients of the pizza can influence the pairing with the wine. Eg, a pizza with mushrooms requires a light and fruity wine, while a pizza with sausage requires a more robust and structured wine.

Choose a local wine
In Italy, each region has its typical wines, which often pair perfectly with local pizzas. Eg, a Neapolitan pizza goes well with a local red wine such as Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio.

Don't be afraid to experiment with unusual combinations. Eg, a white pizza with potatoes and rosemary goes surprisingly well with a dry white wine.

Do not overdo the tannin
Red wines with a high tannin content can be too heavy for pizza. Choose a wine with a tannin less pronounced so as not to cover the flavor of the pizza.

Take the temperature into consideration
The temperature of the wine is as important as the type of wine. A white wine should be served chilled, while a red wine should be served at room temperature or slightly chilled.

Choose a versatile wine
If you are not sure about the perfect match, choose a versatile wine that goes well with many types of pizza. Eg, a Chianti can be an excellent choice.

Choose a wine you like
The perfect match is subjective, then choose a wine that you like and that goes well with the pizza of your choice.

Sign up for our professional hands-on courses
If you want to learn more about the art of pairing pizza and wine, enroll in our professional practical courses. You will learn how to choose the right wine for each type of pizza and how to create surprising and delicious combinations. Sign up now to become an expert in pizza and wine pairing! Follow the link.

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Silvio Cicchi


Neapolitan pizza all you need to know

Neapolitan pizza all you need to know

Neapolitan pizza all you need to know. Neapolitan pizza is one of the most famous culinary preparations in the world.

Originally from the city of Napoli, in Italy, this pizza is characterized by a crunchy leavened dough base, topped with simple but tasty ingredients, like tomato, mozzarella and basil.

Tomato mozzarella and basil

The history of Neapolitan pizza dates back to 1700, when the inhabitants of Naples began to use bread dough to create a sort of unique dish.

Over the time, pizza has become more and more popular and has gained worldwide fame.

Neapolitan pizza all you need to know

Neapolitan pizza is famous for its round shape and crunchy base. The dough is leavened for at least 12 hours, so that it becomes soft and light.

The crust must be thick and soft, with a slightly raised edge called “cornice“.

Now let's move on to the seasoning

The Neapolitan pizza topping is simple and genuine: tomato, Campania buffalo mozzarella (or cow's milk mozzarella) and fresh basil.

In some cases, cooked ham or anchovies can also be added.

Ready for the wood oven

Neapolitan pizza must be cooked in a wood oven at a temperature of 485 degrees for 60-90 seconds.

This is the secret to getting the right crunchiness and softness. The pizza must be served hot and accompanied by a glass of white or red wine.

Recognized by UNESCO

The pizza Neapolitan is internationally recognized as a typical product of Italian cuisine and since 2017 is registered in the list of intangible heritage of humanity’UNESCO.

Neapolitan pizza is one of the most authentic expressions of Italian cuisine and represents an important piece of the country's gastronomic culture.


With its simple but tasty ingredients, Neapolitan pizza has become a symbol of Italy all over the world.

Here instead you will find my latest collection of recipes which is called: Non Solo Pizza, you will find all the information here.

See you soon

Silvio Cicchi

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Pizza Margherita the story of the most famous pizza in the world

Pizza Margherita the story of the most famous pizza in the world

Pizza Margherita the story of the most famous pizza in the world. The origin of Pizza Margherita: Pizza Margherita is one of the most famous pizzas in the world, which has its origin in the city of Naples, in Italy. Legend has it that this pizza was created in honor of Queen Margherita of Savoy in 1889.

The ingredients of Pizza Margherita: Pizza Margherita is made up of just a few, simple ingredients: tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil and olive oil. These ingredients represent the colors of the Italian flag: rosso, white and green.

The history of pizzas

Pizza is a very ancient tradition that has origins in antiquity. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks they had already created their own version of this dish. However, pizza only became popular in Italy, where it took its current shape and taste.

The spread of Pizza Margherita: With Italian immigration to the United States and Europe, Pizza Margherita has spread all over the world. Present Day, Pizza Margherita is one of the best known and most appreciated dishes in the world.

Pizza Margherita the story of the most famous pizza in the world

Variations of Pizza Margherita: Even if the Pizza Margherita consists of few ingredients, there are many variations that have been created over the years. Eg, there are versions with ham, mushrooms or cherry tomatoes.

The Neapolitan pizza: Pizza Margherita is one of the most representative pizzas of the Neapolitan tradition. The pizza Neapolitan is recognized as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by’UNESCO and represents one of the most important culinary traditions in the world.

Wood-fired pizza

Pizza Margherita is usually cooked in wood ovens, which give the pizza a unique and characteristic taste. Cooking in a wood oven makes the pizza crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Pizza as art: Pizza Margherita is a dish that has a real tradition handcrafted. Pizza preparation requires skill and knowledge of processing methods, which are passed on from generation to generation.

Pizza Margherita today

Pizza Margherita is still very popular today and is served all over the world. With the evolution of the kitchen, many variations of this pizza have been created, ma la Original margherita pizza remains a timeless classic that represents the Italian tradition.

Learn how to prepare Pizza Margherita: If you are interested in learning how to make Pizza Margherita, we invite you to subscribe to ours Professional workshops. We will teach you all the secrets to prepare a perfect Pizza Margherita, from the choice of ingredients to cooking in a wood oven. Become a real pizza master! All information here.


Silvio Cicchi

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If everything could be solved with a pizza

If everything could be solved with a pizza

If everything could be solved with a pizza “The magic of pizza: 10 ways to solve everything with a plate of mozzarella and tomato”

Pizza is one of the most loved foods around the world and, for many, it represents much more than just a meal. What if we told you that pizza can solve all your problems?

here 10 ways pizza can work wonders

A pizza can help you get through a bad day. Its scent and flavor can in fact lift anyone's spirits.

Pizza can be the perfect gift for your friends or relatives. There is nothing better than an evening spent with friends, with a good pizza and a few laughs.

If everything could be solved with a pizza

If you are looking for inspiration for one romantic dinner, pizza can be the solution. With a selection of quality ingredients, you can create an elegant and sophisticated dinner.

Pizza is also an excellent solution for a quick lunch. It can be taken with you anywhere, for a lunch break outdoors or in the office.

If you organize a party

If you are planning a party, pizza is a simple option but always appreciated by your guests. It is easy to prepare in large quantities and can be adapted to suit everyone's tastes.

Pizza can be a great solution to save time in the kitchen. Preparing pizza dough requires only a few ingredients and a few minutes of attention.

If you want to surprise your children with a special dinner

pizza can be the solution. It is a dish that everyone likes, young and old, and can be customized according to everyone's tastes.

Pizza can also be an excellent excuse to organize a trip. If you are a pizza lover, you could organize a tour of the best pizzerias in Italy, discovering regional flavours.

Pizza can be the perfect option for a solo dinner. There is nothing wrong with wanting to pamper yourself with a good plate of pizza, perhaps accompanied by a bottle of wine.

If you are passionate about cooking

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Silvio Cicchi

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