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the Roman shovel pizza

Pizza in shovel the Roman tradition

Pizza in shovel the Roman tradition. Shovel pizza, also known as pizza by the slice, it is a specialty of Roman cuisine.

It is a pizza cooked in a large rectangular pan, cut into rectangular portions and served at the counter. Shovel pizza is very popular among romani, both as a quick lunch and as dinner.

An Ancient Tradition

The tradition of pizza in shovel has roots in ancient Rome, where the slaves cooked big trays of bread seasoned with olive oil, salt and spices.

With time, this bread evolved into what we know today as pizza. In the postwar period, the pizza in shovel has begun to spread in the popular neighborhoods of Rome, becoming an icon of Roman cuisine.

Pizza in shovel the Roman tradition

The pizza in shovel differs from other pizzas in its soft consistency and in the large amount of toppings used.

The dough is leavened for at least 24 hours and cooked in wood-burning ovens, which give the pizza a unique flavor and a perfect crunchiness. The topping is usually made from cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, salt and oregano.

Pizza by the slice and variations

There are many variations of pizza in shovel, like white pizza, which has no tomato, and red pizza, which has a greater amount of tomato.

Other variants are the pizza with escarole, pizza with cooked ham and pizza with mortadella.

Pizza and Shovel

Pizza in pala is often served in pizzerias or in wood-burning ovens, but it can also be bought over the counter and taken home.

It is a popular choice for dinner parties and parties, and has become an icon of the Roman cuisine in the world.

Holidays icon

In summary, pizza in shovel is an icon of Roman cuisine, a tradition that has roots in ancient Rome, a pizza cooked in a large rectangular pan, cut into rectangular portions and served at the counter, with many variations and toppings.

Its soft texture and perfect crunchiness, combined with the aroma of the wood oven, make pizza in shovel a unique and delicious dish.

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Fried pizza the Neapolitan version of pizza

Fried pizza the Neapolitan version of pizza

Fried pizza the Neapolitan version of pizza. La pizza fritta è una versione tradizionale della pizza originaria della città di Napoli, in Italy.

Si differenzia dalle pizze classiche per la sua forma rotonda e per il suo impasto morbido e soffice, fritto in abbondante olio caldo. La sua croccantezza esterna e la morbidezza interna sono caratteristiche che la rendono unica e deliziosa.

Fritta e Deliziosa

La pizza fritta viene solitamente farcita con ingredienti tipici della cucina napoletana, come mozzarella di bufala, pomodoro fresco, salame napoletano, prosciutto cotto e formaggio. However, esistono anche varianti con altre farciture, come la pizza fritta con ricotta fresca o verdure grigliate.

La scelta degli ingredienti è molto importante per ottenere una pizza fritta perfetta, ogni ingrediente deve essere fresco e di qualità.

Fried pizza the Neapolitan version of pizza

La pizza fritta è una prelibatezza amata dai napoletani e dai turisti che visitano la città. Viene solitamente venduta per strada o in locali tipici, like thefriggitorie o le “pizzerias” dove è possibile gustarla accompagnata da una birra o un bicchiere di vino.

In addition to, esistono anche delle pizzerie specializzate nella preparazione di questa variante della pizza, dove è possibile gustare una pizza fritta ancora calda e appena preparata.

Le sue deliziose farciture

La pizza fritta è una vera e propria istituzione culinaria a Napoli, con una lunga storia che risale alla fine del 1800, quando i pizzaioli iniziarono a friggere le pizze per i lavoratori del porto e delle fabbriche.

In quel periodo, la pizza fritta era considerata un alimento povero e accessibile a tutti, ma con il passare del tempo è diventata una specialità della cucina napoletana apprezzata in tutto il mondo.

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How to prepare risotto pasta

How to prepare risotto pasta

How to prepare risotto pasta. The pasta risotto it is a simple and tasty dish, ideal for a quick but at the same time tasty dinner.

The preparation is very similar to that of traditional risotto, but with the addition of pasta instead of rice.

The easy preparation of risotto pasta

Few ingredients are needed to prepare the risotto pasta: pasta, broth, grated cheese, butter and onion. Let's start with the onion: this must be finely chopped and put in a pan with the butter to fry.

When onion it becomes transparent, add the pasta (better if it is a short pasta like fusilli or penne) and toast for a couple of minutes.

How to prepare risotto pasta

At this point, add the hot broth a little at a time, stirring constantly. The pasta must always be covered by the broth and must be cooked al dente.

Once the pasta is cooked, add the grated cheese and mix well. The cheese must melt and create a creamy sauce. If necessary, you can add a little’ of broth or milk to obtain the desired consistency.

Ready to serve at the table

Risotto pasta is ready to be served. It can be accompanied with fresh herbs such as parsley or basil, or with spices such as pepper or nutmeg.

For a more flavorful version, cooked ham or diced bacon can be added to the onion during browning, or vegetables such as zucchini or cherry tomatoes, cut into cubes, before adding the broth.

Easy Versatile and Tasty

Risotto pasta is a versatile and easy to prepare recipe, perfect for a quick dinner but at the same time tasty. With just a few ingredients and a short time, you can prepare a tasty and delicious dish, that the whole family will enjoy.

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history of pizza from its origins to the present day

History of pizza from its origins to the present day

History of pizza from its origins to the present day. The pizza it is one of the most loved foods in the world and it is difficult to imagine Italian cuisine without it. But where did he get origin of the pizza?

The first traces of food simile to pizza date back to approx 3500 Years ago, during the ancient Egyptian civilization.

First the Egyptians and the Pitta

The Egyptians baked a flat round bread called “pitta”, which was cooked on hot stones and seasoned with spices, dairy products and vegetables.

The modern pizza, however, has its roots in Napoli, in Italy. The first written mention of the word “pizza” It dates back to 997 d.C., when the farmer Gaetano Testa he mentioned “pizza” in his diary. However, pizza was already known and appreciated in Naples for centuries.

History of pizza from its origins to the present day

Margherita pizza, one of the most famous pizza varieties in the world, was created in 1889 to honor the queen Margaret of Savoy.

The pizza maker Raffaele Esposito he prepared three types of pizza for her, ma fu la pizza margherita, topped with tomato, mozzarella and basil, to become his favourite.

Neapolitan creation pizza

Present Day, pizza is consumed all over the world and can be found in a wide range of variations, from classics to gourmet, with ingredients of all kinds.

It doesn't matter how you prepare it or how you season it, pizza is a food universal loved by all.

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Pizza to Children How to Pass on the Passion for Pizza

Pizza to children how to pass on the passion for pizza

Pizza for the kids: how to convey the passion for pizza. Passing on the passion for pizza to children can be an experience fun and tasty.

Here are some tips to teach children to appreciate this traditional dish Italian.

Involve your children

Involve the children in making pizza: let him choose the Ingredients and help them roll out the dough. This will make them feel participate and interested in the process.

Teach him about the ingredients: explain to him the origin and characteristics of the ingredients used to prepare Pizza.

Pizza to children how to pass on the passion for pizza

Explain to them the importance of the art of pizzeria: the pizza is a real one art, explain to him how the expert pizza makers prepare the dough and the cooking to obtain the perfect pizza.

Let him taste different types of pizzas: not all pizzas are the same, let her try the classic ones and the particular ones to make them discover new flavours and tastes.

Other useful tips

Have them join one pizza party: organizing a pizza night with friends and family can be a fun and engaging experience for children.

Teaching children to appreciate pizza, it means teaching them to appreciate Italian culture and cuisine in general, an important value for growth and training of their own children.

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How to Reuse Mandarin Peels

How to Reuse Mandarin Peels

How to Reuse Mandarin Peels. Perhaps not everyone knows that tangerine peels should never be thrown away, here are some ways to reuse them and why.

Benefits and advantages: Both the fruit and the peels are very rich in nutrients. Vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, D, K,E, A. fibers and flavonoids. Here's how to reuse peels.

Here's what to do

Grind them to powder: Dry the mandarin peels and pass them in the mixer. Add the powder to the cakes, on the fish, salads and more.

Prepare a jam: taste the unmissable jam of mandarin.

How to Reuse Mandarin Peels

Perfume the oven: After cooking fish, the oven is impregnated with bad smells. Arrange the mandarin peels inside, the residual heat will release its own fragrance.

Flavor herbal teas and teas: Leave some tangerine peel in the tea jar.

The right perfume for the home

Home deodorant: Place the mandarin peels on the stove or radiators. You will have free perfumed house.

Flavoring for shortbread cakes, desserts and creams, lemon zest is more used in cooking.

Ancient medicine

As herbal tea: Tangerine peel tea is an old remedy for winter ailments.

Remedy for colds: Dried two mandarin peels, boil them for 5 minutes, let cool, cover your head with a towel and breathe in the vapours.

Other uses in brief

Keep cats that hate the smell away

Perfume the drawers

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World Famous Italian Dishes

World Famous Italian Dishes

World Famous Italian Dishes. After talking about the famous Italian dishes in the world, but who are not Italians, successful article you find here, today we talk about the real Italian dishes that are famous all over the world.

Below is a nice list of 5 famous Italian dishes all over the world.

The list of dishes

Pasta: Pasta is certainly the most famous dish in the world. Spaghetti on wikipedia here.

Pizza: Pizza is one of the most famous dishes in the world

World Famous Italian Dishes

Lasagna: Famous since Roman times, still today it occupies one of the first places in the standings.

Risotto: It has its origins in northern Italy, today famous all over the world.

World dishes

Mozzarella: Now available all over the world, very famous.

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World Famous Italian Dishes That Are Not Italian

World Famous Italian Dishes That Are Not Italian

World Famous Italian Dishes That Are Not Italian. Italy is famous all over the world for food, the moda e la history millennial. Most of the tourists who visit our beautiful country come for trendy shopping, the visit of the most beautiful cities of art e THE FOOD.

Food is certainly a driving sector of ours economy, often ours dishes they are copied and we see it when we visit other countries. This copy copy it amuses me a lot. Just imagine there are dishes passed off as Italians that really they do not exist in our country. A small list to follow.

Some Italian dishes that are famous abroad but are not Italian

Spaghetti with Meatballs. The Disney he even used them in a famous one cartoon, okay, they do not exist in Italy. You can eat spaghetti with meatball sauce, then the meatballs served in a second course of meat, but never together.

The Hawaiian or if you prefer pizza with pineapple you will certainly not find it in Italian pizzerias.

World Famous Italian Dishes That Are Not Italian

The Pepperoni Pizza: Do Not, I'm sorry for you but it doesn't exist in Italy, You can find pizza with spicy salami if you want to eat it in a pizzeria.

The garlic bread or call it Garlic bread, even this recipe is definitely not Italian, yet it is so famous around the world, everyone is convinced that it is an Italian dish.

Other non-Italian dishes passed off as such

Fettuccine Alfredo: Surely the fettuccine Alfredo do not exist in Italy, but believe us they are very famous all over the world. You can't imagine how many tourists sit at the table and order the fettuccine Alfredo.

Italian dressing: If you happen to go to New York buyout, it is a salad dressing, made with water, lemon juice, vegetable oil, and a mix of herbs, such as fennel, dill, oregano and salt. This sauce is also not Italian, different from our oil, salt and vinegar.

You want to know others?

The Fra Diavolo sauce: it's a tomato sauce spicy with chilli, garlic, parsley and basil, used to season the pasta oppure i seafood. Not that it's not good, but it certainly does not exist in Italy.

Spaghetti Bolognese: Try asking a Bolognese, will laugh in your face, maybe yes to Bolognese tagliatelle, but certainly not spaghetti.

There are others? This thing is funny

Chicken Parmigiana: Yes, you read that right, nothing eggplant, in its place a chicken cutlet, really funny.

The Carbonara: just think that even here in Italy this dish is always subject to lighting discussions, let alone find it served with cream. Anything, try to explain to him not to put cream on carbonara.

That's enough, but let's not forget the bonus

Cappuccino at the end of the lunch: there is nothing less Italian than this.

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The Spaghetti Omelette

The Spaghetti Omelette

The Spaghetti Omelette. The pasta omelette it is a classic of the Italian tradition, someone associates it with Neapolitan cuisine, but I can assure you that it belongs to all Italian cultures, from Trentino to Sicily.

It was prepared with the leftovers from the day before, not what is in the refrigerator, since the history of the omelette with pasta dates back to the invention of the refrigerator.

The history of the pasta omelette

It can actually be prepared with any type of pasta, not just spaghetti, but also short pasta. Pasta heated like an omelette, it can be white without sauce or red with sauce.

Very cheap dish, you can also find it in some traditional pizzeria. Over time the macaroni omelette has come back very useful for trips out of town, since you can eat both cold and hot.

The Spaghetti Omelette

When I was a child I remember that my mother often prepared her for trips to the sea. I remember that you could only eat after taking a bath.

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The best-selling dessert in the pizzeria

The best-selling dessert in the pizzeria

The best-selling dessert in the pizzeria. Until a few years ago, many pizzerias insisted on offering dessert pizzas to their customers, now this trend seems to be heading towards a certain sunset, not all customers are happy to eat another pizza for dessert, even if it could be very good.

The fact is that after a pizza, eating another one to end a dinner is an unlikely hypothesis. Can you imagine how many calories a pizza can have with an overflowing layer of Nutella spread on top.

How fashions change

Let's face it, everyone has experienced a dessert pizza at least once in their life, but now we are more oriented towards something smaller or perhaps lighter.

Following is the result of the "Consumers" report, the most requested dessert in a pizzeria is the old Tiramisu which never seems to set.

The best-selling dessert in the pizzeria

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