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how to cook mushrooms for pizza

How to Cook Mushrooms for Pizza

How to Cook Mushrooms for Pizza. Mushrooms are a very popular ingredient for pizza, both for their taste and for their nutritional value.

However, cooking mushrooms so they're perfectly pizza-ready can take a while’ Practice. Here are some tips for cooking mushrooms for pizza in order to obtain the maximum result.

Fast and just enough

First of all, choosing the right mushrooms is very important. If you want mushrooms to be the star of your pizza, then you should choose porcini mushrooms or button mushrooms.

Both have an intense flavor and are very tasty, which makes them perfect for pizza. If instead you want the mushrooms to be just an accompanying ingredient, then you can also choose other types of mushrooms, like mushrooms shitake or mushrooms oyster.

How to Cook Mushrooms for Pizza

Once you have chosen the mushrooms, it is important to clean them thoroughly. To do this, just use a damp cloth or a soft bristle brush to remove any traces of earth or other residues. It is not necessary to wash the mushrooms under water, as they may absorb it and become soggy.

Once cleaned, mushrooms should be cut into thin slices. If you use the porcini mushrooms i Champignon mushrooms, it is advisable to remove the stem, since it may be a bit’ stand. In addition to, it is important to cut the mushrooms into thin slices so that they cook evenly on the pizza.

Mushrooms in the pan

Once cut, the mushrooms are put in a pan with a little’ of olive oil and a clove of minced garlic. It is important to cook them on medium heat, mixing them often, until they become tender and golden.

At this point, they can be added spices to taste, like thyme or rosemary, to give a little’ of extra flavor to the mushrooms.

Notes on conservation

Once cooked, i funghi they should be left to cool slightly before being added to the pizza. It is important that they are not too hot otherwise they could make the mozzarella melt too quickly.

Once the pizza is ready to be baked, just add the mushrooms on top of the sauce and mozzarella, and then bake as usual.


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Pizza to Children How to Pass on the Passion for Pizza

Pizza to children how to pass on the passion for pizza

Pizza for the kids: how to convey the passion for pizza. Passing on the passion for pizza to children can be an experience fun and tasty.

Here are some tips to teach children to appreciate this traditional dish Italian.

Involve your children

Involve the children in making pizza: let him choose the Ingredients and help them roll out the dough. This will make them feel participate and interested in the process.

Teach him about the ingredients: explain to him the origin and characteristics of the ingredients used to prepare Pizza.

Pizza to children how to pass on the passion for pizza

Explain to them the importance of the art of pizzeria: the pizza is a real one art, explain to him how the expert pizza makers prepare the dough and the cooking to obtain the perfect pizza.

Let him taste different types of pizzas: not all pizzas are the same, let her try the classic ones and the particular ones to make them discover new flavours and tastes.

Other useful tips

Have them join one pizza party: organizing a pizza night with friends and family can be a fun and engaging experience for children.

Teaching children to appreciate pizza, it means teaching them to appreciate Italian culture and cuisine in general, an important value for growth and training of their own children.

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Why enroll in our Professional Course Of Pizzaiolo in our school

Why enroll in our Professional Course Of Pizzaiolo in our school

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Training is important

Job opportunities: the demand for expert pizza makers is constantly increasing, then complete the Our professional course can open the doors to various job opportunities both in Italy and abroad.

Hands-on learning: Our course includes a practical component which will allow you to put into practice what you have learned in the theoretical lessons. You will have the opportunity to work with professional equipment and learn how to prepare different varieties of pizza.

Why enroll in our Professional Course Of Pizzaiolo in our school

High quality teaching experience: our teachers are highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the restaurant industry. You will have the opportunity to learn from them and receive constructive feedback on your growth as pizzaioli.

Networking: our course will give you the opportunity to meet other aspiring pizza makers and build relationships that could be beneficial for your career in the future.

Not to be forgotten

In addition to, enrollment in our course will offer you the opportunity to learn the basic techniques for opening and managing a pizzeria, as well as to acquire skills in the management of personnel and of the’Inventory. In short, our professional pizza maker course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful professional in the restaurant industry.

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The Fragrance Of Pizza

The Fragrance of Pizza

The Fragrance of Pizza. The pizza fragrance is one of its most iconic and beloved hallmarks. Who has never smelled the delicious aroma of freshly baked pizza, with the aromas of tomato, some garlic, of cheese and spices that mix together in an explosion of taste? But what makes the fragrance of pizza so special and unique?

How to make your pizza fragrant

First of all, there is the type of flour used for pizza dough. Soft wheat flour is the most commonly used, but some pizzerias also use spelled or kamut flour to give a touch of originality to their dough. Each type of flour has a slightly different flavor profile, and can influence the final aroma of the pizza.

The Fragrance of Pizza

Then there is the tomato, a key ingredient for most pizzas. The tomato is rich in aromatic substances such as lycopene and taste, which give the tomato sauce its typical intense and sweet smell. But it's not just the tomato that contributes to the fragrance of the pizza: also the other ingredients such as garlic, the oregano, basil and chili peppers have powerful aromas that blend together to create the signature pizza scent.

What influences the fragrance of pizza

Cheese is another ingredient that has a great influence on the pizza's fragrance. Mozzarella cheese is most commonly used on pizza, but there are many other types of cheese that are often added, like gorgonzola, Parmesan, pecorino and provolone. Each of these cheeses has a unique fragrance, and their combination can give the pizza an intense and complex aroma.

Fragrance and cooking

At Last, there is the oven in which the pizza is cooked. Wood-burning ovens are the ones that give pizza its characteristic intense and light aroma, due to wood burning. Gas and electric ovens can also produce fragrant pizzas, but they don't have the same kind of intense and characteristic aroma as wood-fired ovens.

Conclusions on the fragrance of pizza

In conclusion, pizza fragrance is a combination of many things: the flour used for the dough, ingredients such as tomato, garlic and cheese, and the type of oven in which it is cooked. All these factors can profoundly influence the fragrance of your pizza.

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Foods that should never be eaten raw

Foods that should never be eaten raw

Foods that should never be eaten raw. There are some foods which should not be eaten raw due to the risk of food poisoning or other health problems. Here are some examples of foods that should always be cooked before eating:

Beef, pig, lamb and chicken: these types of meat can contain bacteria such as salmonella and l’Escherichia coli, which can cause severe food poisoning when eaten raw. Meat must be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 71°C to kill these bacteria.

Memorize this useful list

Egg: eggs may also contain the salmonella, which can be transmitted through the faeces of infected hens. Eggs must be cooked until the yolk and egg white are solid to kill salmonella and other bacteria.

Pesce: some types of fish, like tuna, salmon and blue fish, they can contain parasites that can cause serious illness when eaten raw. It is important to cook fish to an internal temperature of at least 60°C to kill these parasites.

Foods that should never be eaten raw

Fruits and vegetables: some fruits and vegetables may become contaminated with bacteria during collection or transport. It is important to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them raw, especially if you are not sure of its origin or if it is not organic.

Legumes: and legumes, come beans, lentils and chickpeas, they can contain toxins that can be harmful to humans if eaten raw. Legumes must be cooked at a high enough temperature to inactivate the toxins.

Foods to be cooked strictly before consuming them

Mushrooms: some types of mushrooms they can be toxic when eaten raw. It is important to always cook mushrooms before eating them to avoid any risk of poisoning.

In general, it is important to pay attention to what you eat and make sure it is thoroughly cooked to reduce the risk of food poisoning or other health problems. If you have any doubts about the safety of a food, it is always best to cook it before eating it.

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How Long Can We Keep Mushrooms Once Cooked

How Long Can We Keep Mushrooms Once Cooked

How Long Can We Keep Mushrooms Once Cooked. Mushrooms they are one of the very popular ingredients in our kitchens. We can cook them in a thousand different ways, as a pasta sauce, as an appetizer or side dish.

The best thing would be to eat them freshly cooked, but it can happen that there are too many, so let's see how they should be stored and for how much time.

Mushrooms in the refrigerator

If you intend to consume them in the next two or three days, the refrigerator is ideal. Wait for them to cool down completely, put them in an airtight container and put them in fridge.

Also covered with the transparent film they will keep their flavor unaltered, I suggest you store them with the same cooking sauce. Before consuming them it will be enough warm them up a few minutes.

Freezing Mushrooms

Also in freezer our mushrooms keep perfectly, perhaps it would be preferable to divide them into portions ready to use before freezing them.

The mushrooms in our freezer can also be kept for six months.

Vacuum-packed Mushrooms

To obtain a longer preservation than in the freezer, you will have to use the vacuum packed. Get some plastic bags, divide them into ready-to-use portions and this system will guarantee you a duration of up to one year.

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When To Salt Pasta The Right Time

When To Salt Pasta The Right Time

When To Salt Pasta The Right Time. All Italians and beyond, They have their own beliefs when faced with the choice of format, the sauce to use and how much salt to put in the water.

Today we will clarify how much salt to put in the water and especially when to add salt, cold, before it starts boiling, or when it boils?

Salt Before or after boiling?

There is a golden rule, the correct proportion is: 10 grams of salt for 1 liter of water and 100 grams of dry pasta.

When to salt pasta:

It would seem that salting the pasta water before or after boiling makes no difference

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We know the Calabrian Nduja

We know the Calabrian Nduja

Nduja is a spreadable sausage. Spicy lovers love it the Nduja. Pork sausage combined with Calabrian pepper. The pepper acts as a preservative.

Produced in the Vibo Valentia area. The original recipe called for two kilos of meat and one of chili peppers.

Nduja in the kitchen

Delicious on pizza, spread on bread, seasoning for pasta, fried, risottos, soups.

We know the Calabrian Nduja

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Using the Pressure Cooker Correctly

Using the Pressure Cooker Correctly

Using the Pressure Cooker Correctly. Let's see together how to use it, it's dangerous? Save money?Saves on gas and electricity costs, and it is worth learning how to use it correctly.

How and why the pressure cooker

Cooks food in half the time (savings) , a pressure is generated inside it which allows the water to boil a 120 – 139 degrees by halving the cooking times.

In the seventies one out of two families he owned one, but then it was forgotten.

Using the Pressure Cooker Correctly

Its functioning is very simple. It has an airtight closure, two valves are installed on the lid, the safety valve and the operating valve. The liquid turns into vapor which, when held, turns into pressure. The increase in pressure increases as does the boiling point, that's why foods cook much faster.

To use it correctly you must always read the instruction manual. At the end of the eighties it was abandoned for fear that it might explode.

The pressure cooker is dangerous?

Today the pressure cooker is back in fashion, consumption savings, his method of healthy cooking, two safety valves that prevent any type of explosion.

We can cook legumes, fish, Tomato sauce, ragout, stews, boiled, braised, risottos, pottage, soups, steamed vegetables and stewed meat. Less toppings, half oil and salt.

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These foods should never be frozen

These foods should never be frozen

These foods should never be frozen. Unfortunately alas there are certain foods that do not they should absolutely be frozen. Read on because I will explain the because.

Freezing food at home is a widely used practice, too convenient to open the freezer and find ready dinner or any type of food.

Did you know that not all foods can be frozen?

Very widespread practice, but to avoid the proliferation of germs and bacteria or the loss of all nutrients, we will have to follow very specific rules.

What can terribly affect the conservation of the products that we are going to freeze, it's about the amount of water and fat contained in them.

These foods should never be frozen

The fruit and vegetables: Freezing fruit and vegetables involves the complete loss of nutrients and above all of flavour. The green leafy vegetables, tomatoes onions and cucumbers will no longer have any consistency once thawed, not to mention melon, anguria or pineapple, that being very rich in water if frozen they would lose all their own taste.

Cheeses and eggs: Eggs and all sauces prepared with an egg type base mayonnaise they should not be frozen at all. Likewise i cheeses, which once frozen lose their flavor and quality. Pecorino or Parmesan being poor in water they can be frozen. As for the put, well don't think about freezing it at all, then it would not thicken.

Freeze the sausages

Sausages and cured meats: As you have certainly noticed, in all supermarkets the sausages are strictly stored in the refrigerated counter. But have you ever wondered why they can't be frozen? Because these products would become oxidized and risk rancidity.

Really a little loophole for some bagged low in salt exists, just vacuum-pack it before storing it in the freezer. But my suggestion is always that: Eat them fresh, Or don't buy them.

One last useful tip

Rice or pasta: Big companies have been trying for a long time, on the market there is already seasoned frozen pasta, or a classic risotto, but the results are really not very encouraging, not to say awful. Pasta and rice, once thawed they will be overcooked and soft to put in your mouth.

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