pizza capricious

The Pizza Capricciosa Original Recipe and preparation

The pizza capricious is the most classic Italian pizzas. And 'present in all menus of pizzerias. The customer undecided always end up ordering the pizza capricious, rich, abundant and imaginative, this pizza always manages to please everyone.

pizza capricious
The pizza capricious

Its name comes definitely looking with which it has, "Capricious" for its look and for the combination of ingredients, ham, the artichokes, the mushrooms and black olives. And 'composed with the same ingredients of pizza 4 seasons, but it is the provision of them that makes these two different pizzas.

In time, as often happens with all of the pizzas, the pizza capricious has been transformed due to the customs and traditions of different territories, the ingredients with which it is prepared, may vary from region to region. In Sicily, for example, there is pizza capricious that has not boiled egg among its ingredients, I got to taste it with the mussels in a renowned beach resort, and black olives often give way to green olives. To the north it happens very often see this pizza prepared with the addition of sausage cut into rings.

pizza capricious
The pizza capricious

The Pizza Capricciosa Original Recipe and preparation


To prepare 4 balls of 250 grams for each 4 people

Flour type "0" 625 grams

Water 375 grams

Sale 15 grams

Yeast 1,2 grams

Sugar 10 grams

Oil 2-3 spoons

If you are not experienced in the preparation of the dough and the subsequent leavening take a look at this my previous article that explains step by step the procedure.

After the rising phase, spianate the balls to obtain 4 discs of dough.

With a spoon and place the tomatoes on the pizza order, add the ham (not cubed) taking care to break the whole slices into many smaller pieces, the mushrooms, the slices of artichokes and 8-10 pitted black olives.

Ricoprite with mozzarella.

Bring your oven at a temperature of 200 degrees and bake the pizzas for 20 minutes or until the edge does not prove to be perfectly golden.

Useful devices: Use very little tomato sauce for the capricious. This is to prevent the ingredients "float" on the pizza, It is advisable to wait a few minutes when baked, before you place it in a serving dish and serve it to your guests. The olives used as an ingredient for your pizzas must be strictly pitted.

What ingredients you use to prepare your pizza capricious? Give your recipe in the space comments on this page.

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pizza capricious
Pizza capricious

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