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Become a professional pizza chef. Go to the online course!!.


I RUSTICI: Do you want to prepare a drink for your guests? Here's everything you need. Follow the instructions in this video to conquer your friends.  

THE FRAME: A delicacy of the Neapolitan tradition that has now spread all over the world. The pizza “THE FRAME” simple to achieve by following the step by step instructions in the video.

PIZZA DESSERT- CHAMPAGNE: In addition to being very nice to be submitted is definitely good to taste and easy to prepare according to the instructions of the video.

The drafting of the balls of pizza: Read the article and watch the video. Clicca who

The Pizzaiola Susanna prepare a delicious pizza with cherry tomatoes and red onion

In the kitchen, always wear your chef hat pizza. Do not have one? No problem, Follow the instructions in the video and one in costruitene 2 minutes:


The preparation of the dough for pizza:  

Preparation of pizza with anchovies pizza chef Angelo's last day of classes.

All our videos are available on the page of our school pizza on our You Tube channel



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