Pizza dough type grip Romana

Pizza dough type grip Romana. Fashion is not a sole that influences the way we dress, but at the same time also it affects the daily food that ends up on our tables. The pizza guy “Romanian Pinsa” It is the striking case of these last years. While until a few years ago it was a case restricted to one area of ​​Rome, Now the opening of new phenomenon “pinserie” It is involving some our entire peninsula. sprouting everywhere, often associated with words “bio” If it looks too fashionable in recent times. Do you think that in my small country within a week they opened their doors 2 new Pinserie.

Pizza dough type grip Romana
Pizza dough type grip Romana

We have extensively discussed the history of type grip pizza in our previous article that you can consult by clicking this link, Today we will talk about how to prepare the mixture of flour for the dough of this specialty.

Pizza dough type grip Romana

The ingredients that make up this special dough include the use of a strong wheat flour with a high W value that was approximately 350, to all this must be added the soy flour and the rice flour together with a small percentage of dried sourdough.

As always it happens in the preparation of the pizza, it all begins right from the purchase of flour for the dough. If you are real pizza lovers, I suggest you subscribe to one of our professional pizzaiolo courses at our school. All those who have attended our course, in addition to being experts in cooking and preparing leavening, They have a broad knowledge of the flour on the market, what to buy and how to use them to get it the perfect pizza.

Back to our Dough type grip Romana.

Prepare a mixture of flour type:

800 grams farina w300-w350

150 grams of rice flour

50 grams soy flour

a teaspoon of sourdough dried wheat as a improver

30 grams salt

10 grams EVO oil

yeast 4 the 5 grams

nota bene, This mixture will absorb 80 % water.

Use strictly cold water and what important dates so the dough to reach maturity, so a rise in the refrigerator long. Prepare the balls in the containers and place them in the fridge to 3 degrees centigrade for at least 48 the 60 hours.

Pizza dough type grip Romana
Pizza dough type grip Romana

Pizza dough type grip Romana

The pizza guy Pinsa Romana fragrant, basic and crisp edge and soft and fragrant interior, more digestible than plain pizza because of the long rising and high hydration, hypocaloric compared to the common pizza since the use of soy flour and rice flour, It differs from the older sister for a lower in calories and fat.

If you are interested in preparing your house or your business in the Roman type grip pizza like a pro, we suggest you subscribe to one of our professional Pizzaiolo courses at our school. To learn more about our professional courses click here.

If you want to learn more about the grip Romana, click here.

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  1. Ciao Silvio bella ricetta!
    Ho scoperto che da poco sarà possibile acquistare l’originale farina per realizzare la Pinsa anche ad uso casalingo, l’ho vista sul sito
    Tu credi che sia il mix originale?

    Spero che tu possa aiutarmi 🙂

  2. You forgot to indicate the water, and the calculations are made on this with a multiplication factor 1,25

    In addition the percentage of soy and rice are 7 and 5 percentage

    impact closure 23 degrees and maturation in the fridge for 60 just hours after the Staglio and proving

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