Ricotta Pizza 15 Fantastic Recipes

Ricotta Pizza...... Ricotta is widely used in kitchen, The pastry chefs use this product for many years with success and there are thousands of recipes that have as an ingredient ricotta. It is a poor food, in low fat, therefore suitable for all low-calorie diets. Even the great chef make extensive use of this product, found its most widely used in various stuffed pasta, cannelloni, bauletti, ravioli, and in many other ways. Every Italian region offers among its specialties, some recipes made with ricotta cheese.

cheese pizza
Pizza with ricotta and spinach

La ricotta Pizza

In pizzeria, pairing cheese pizza has always existed, since the time of Raffaele Esposito and Queen Margherita of Savoy.

On pizza, ricotta proposal is always combined with other ingredients. In these my notes, I wanted to sum up the pizzas and cheese ... that you can find on the menu of our peninsula and beyond, now the cheese on the pizza far exceeded our borders.

The ricotta can be added both before cooking and after cooking spread on the pizza, or it can even be used in place of mozzarella.

I remember many years ago, in full season of figs, I prepared a delicious dessert pizza with ricotta cheese spread on a cake, fresh figs and caramelized sugar, at that time it was very much in demand, who knows if it would have the same success today?

cheese pizza
Pizza cheese and tomato pesto

Ricotta Pizza Recipes

Pizza tomatoes, ricotta and fresh basil: This pizza is the most popular and most requested, on the basis of a focaccia, cooked cheese is added, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, oil salt pepper.

Spinach and ricotta: Another classic pizzeria, the spinach must be stir-fried with bacon, then added to the raw cheese spread on pizza.

Grilled vegetables and ricotta: In summer when full season of vegetables to be grilled, this pizza is really delicious.

Pesto ricotta and mozzarella: Yummy pizza, on a base of pizza with melted mozzarella, It is added ricotta, all seasoned with pesto alla Genovese.

Ricotta cheese and ham: All the ingredients are cooked in the oven, provolone with the ham, give a delicious flavor with ricotta.

Zucchini and ricotta: It's not a pizza for strong palates or smoking, zucchini are sautéed in the pan, then added to the cheese on pizza.

Cottage cheese and red onion: From Calabria arrive only good things!Red onion browned in the pan is added to the cheese then bake.

Broccoli and ricotta

Cottage cheese and pepper

Cottage cheese and anchovies

Cottage cheese and smoked salmon

Asparagus and ricotta

Sausage and ricotta

Nuts and ricotta: Pizza with cheese, brie cheese, a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper noci.Olio.

Ricotta and salami

cheese pizza
Cottage cheese for pizza

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cheese pizza
Ham and cheese on pizza

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