Topinambur in Cucina 10 Fantastic Recipes

The Topinambur is a fantastic plant with multiple beneficial properties. During my childhood living in the countryside, I was surrounded by these plants, grew everywhere, the sides of the roads, fallow land and the ruins of abandoned houses.

Jerusalem artichoke plant
The plant and its edible bulbs.

I gathered the flowers of this plant as gifts to my girlfriend, not yet know the properties of this plant, but I was hoping to win it with flowers. If only I had imagined the beneficial properties of this plant and its tubers are delicious to eat, Instead of flowers I could give him the tubers, maybe things would have ended differently.

The bulbs edible artichoke

It is only after many years, in my work as a chef I discovered the virtues of this plant and its use in the kitchen, and are now continuously to its research, not more than flowers but his precious tubers.

I fiori del topinambur

The Jerusalem artichoke Properties

Its scientific name is Helianthus tuberosus, is also known by the name of truffle brown, the Jerusalem artichoke (Jerusalem artichoke), for many years was a valid substitute of modern American potato.

Bulbi said topinambur

Perennial, blooms in late summer, has beautiful golden yellow flowers. There are two types: the white early, commercially from August, and type burgundy available from October to late spring.

That's how you have the bulbs of Jerusalem artichoke

Its tubers you get a very good meal food.

It does not contain gluten, therefore perfect for those suffering from celiac disease, with its flour can make delicious pizzas for celiac.

Its tubers, once collected should not be peeled, but only brushed and washed, the cuticle that covers them is very digestible.

Bulbi said topinambur

Its tubers can be consumed in the same way in which usually consume potatoes.

80% water, protein, sugars, carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Vitamin A, some of the group B, Minerals: potassium, magnesium and iron. Amino Acids: Asparagina, hill, arginina.Contiene inulin, a molecule with excellent nutritional properties. Perfect for diabetics, has the property of lowering the level of absorption of sugar and cholesterol from the intestine.

Jerusalem artichoke recipes
Omelette said topinambur

It has a pleasant flavor, a mix between artichoke and potato, it is advisable to consume it raw if you want to keep intact its properties.

Vitamin A that contains useful functions of sight, B vitamins are helpful in case of fatigue, anemia e stress. Possesses great energy properties, it is therefore recommended in the diets of the elderly and children.

risotto al topinambur
Delicious risotto with Jerusalem artichokes

you can grow it in pots on the balcony or in your garden, in the same way in which the potatoes grown.

The Jerusalem artichoke in the kitchen

As the title of this post, 10 recipes with .... Well actually are many more than ten, it is possible to prepare in the same way in which the potatoes prepared, boiled, fried, baked, stir fry, Steamed. Finally, you can use it raw, grated into your salad, or slice it finely and seasoned with lemon. The next time you go to the supermarket, buy the meal of Jerusalem artichokes and a pizza preparateci!!

risotto with Jerusalem artichokes
Risotto with Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

Know Jerusalem artichokes? Leave a suggestion for a recipe in the comments of this page.

If you want to learn more about this plant, consultation wikipedia by clicking here.

Tagliatelle al topinambur
Tagliatelle al topinambur
Jerusalem artichokes baked
Topinambur al forno
Topinambur Trifolati
Topinambur Trifolati
Jerusalem artichoke soup
Jerusalem artichoke soup

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