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Recipe for Making the Perfect Pizza Slices in House

The "pizza slices"Or if you prefer to call it"pizza by the slice"Always puts us in front of the usual question every time we prepare the pizza at home: Better make the pizza slices that the pan pizza, or better to make pizza at the plate? The technical difference is summed up in a few simple details: The pizza at the plate is made to be cooked and eaten immediately, and is an individual pizza, the pizza slices is made to remain longer on the shelves of pizzerias, then he would surely a better result if we have to prepare a pizza at home that will consummate a little 'time during a party with many guests.

pizza slices
Pizza slices

Another thing that we must take into account, is that while for the pizza to the plate (monoportion) there will be no leftovers, if you decide to prepare the pizza slices, well you must calculate the doses to avoid waste.

Our pace of life that has become increasingly fast, has meant that they develop increasingly pizzerias, because it is often forced to lunch or quick dinner, leaving the pizza plate as exclusive night venues for families. In conclusion, we could say that the pizza slices is convenient, fast, practice to eat, but if we really want to enjoy a pizza, it is always advisable to go to a club and order a pizza at the plate while comfortably seated at a table.

To obtain a good baking of pizza slices to our house is of paramount importance to have a good oven, electric or ventilated, but even with a regular kitchen oven gas standard you can get good results by following our advice.

pizza slices
Slice of pizza slices


The dough for pizza slices is the same of the pizza to the plate. The ovens of home kitchens are now standardized and have room to be able to cook 2 trays of the measures 30 x 40 cm. A larger amount of pizza baked in house standard would result in an inevitable lowering of the temperature during cooking, with disastrous results.

To 2 trays 30 x 40 cm (as shown below)we will need about 1 kilo of dough:

pizza slices
The classical baking ovens home.

Flour type "0" 625 grams

Water 375 grams

Sale 15 grams

Yeast 2/3 grams

Sugar 10 grams

Oil 2-3 spoons

**Different types of flour absorb water in different quantity, Always check the proper density of the mixture by adding or removing flour.


Pour into a bowl water, Dissolve the yeast, add oil and sugar, pour the flour and started to amalgamate, Add salt and knead well until dough is smooth and elastic. May sound more comfortable work it on a pastry.

Divide the dough into 2 pieces 500 grams. Sprinkle the surface of the pans evenly with a little oil and the mixture disponeteci, let stand tightly covered for leavening. After about an hour, helping you with your fingertips, flattened the dough so as to cover the entire surface of the pan.

At this point we have to wait another 30 minutes that the leavening colder again before seasoning and bake.

The pizza slices should be cooked in 2 phases, the first phase with the tomato, to 15/20 minutes (depends on the oven) and as soon as we notice that the edge starts to brown, the sforniamo, add the ingredients and mozzarella, chopped, Then we put it in the oven until the cheese is dissolved and the edge will be completely golden.

pizza slices
Tour of a pizzeria

As I suggest in all our recipe, cooking in the oven pizza, is the most delicate phase of the whole process, then .... Never open the oven to check the doneness, and, warm it very well at the temperature maxim before baking trays of pizza.

How to prepare your home the pizza slices? Give your recipe in the comments on this page.

If you are interested to know more about the various types of existing pizzeria in Italy, consultation wikipedia.

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