American pizza

Recipe and Preparation of Pizza Americana

In the tourist areas of our country often find among the many proposals of the menu of pizza a pizza specially created to delight the palates of many tourists American visiting Italy: The American pizza.

American pizza
American Pizza

When I face this issue with my colleagues pizzaioli, inevitably turns up the usual thinking, American pizza is pizza that has the longest list of ingredients that has ever been invented. It 'just one of many classic pizzas produced in the United States, and is also much in demand here in our country.

Here is the list of ingredients which is stuffed: Tomato, mozzarella, frankfurter, more, peppers diced, olive, crumbled sausage, fresh sliced ​​tomatoes, onion and mushrooms. Unlike ordinary pizzas to the plate, should be cooked in a round baking pan, and it soon becomes clear why: Not even the most experienced of pizza makers fail to impale the heavy American pizza with pizza shovel and put it in the oven for cooking without breaking it. For the preparation of this type of pizza, is usually used a thicker base, maybe pairing 2 balls of dough.

American pizza
The American pizza

Recipe and preparation of American pizza.

To prepare the dough for 2 American pizza to cook on 2 round baking pans with a diameter of 35 inches we need:

Flour type "0" 625 grams

Water 375 grams

Sale 15 grams

Yeast 2/3 grams

Sugar 10 grams

Oil 2-3 spoons

Means the classic dough for pizza, and divide it into 2 pieces 500 grams. Cover the dough with a cloth and let rise for an hour or until doubled in volume will not be. Sprinkle with oil two baking pans for cooking and with your fingertips flattened the dough evenly up to cover the entire surface of the trays. Let rise for other 30 minutes, then add all the ingredients listed on the list, except for the mozzarella that will be added later. Preheat your oven to good 200 degrees and bake the pizzas for 20 minutes. Pull them out of the oven, add the mozzarella and put them back in the oven to finish cooking. When the edge is perfectly golden, baked your pizzas. Wait a few minutes until the mozzarella is stale and cut your American pizza into wedges. The two pizzas obtained, will be sufficient to 5/6 people.

American pizza
Pan American pizza

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