pizza calzone

5 Simple Steps to Prepare the Pizza Calzone

pizza calzone
The calzone

5 Simple Steps to Prepare the Pizza Calzone

The calzone pizza is the best known in the world. Prepare the calzone at home is really simple thing. Its filling can be done in many different ways, and its success is due to the creativity and the combination of the many ingredients that can be used for the topping. The successful implementation of our recipe for pizza calzone, lies in the choice of ingredients, which must be fresh, to start dall'impasto pizza, do not use a base ready to supermarket, and not used for stuffing leftovers of the refrigerator.

Dough pizza calzone

The doses given in the following table, are for 3 trousers.


Ingredients Note
Flour500 grams DO NOT use flour with baking powder already mixed in, or mixtures of meals. If you want to eat your pizza tonight for dinner, used a normal flour type "0", if it is produced from some local mill even better.
Water250 grams Your tap water is not cold, around 20 degrees.
Extra virgin olive oil1-2 spoons It is not of fundamental importance, but a few tablespoons of oil will improve the gluten of your pizza.
Sale5-10 grams (1-2 teaspoons) Shortly sale, and never in direct contact with the yeast. To avoid making mistakes, add it to your mixture near the end.
Fresh yeast2-3 grams It's not a typo, fresh yeast 2 the 3 grams. Considers that a cube of yeast bought at the supermarket weighs 25 grams, BUY therefore only a few crumbs. The granular yeast is fine but being dehydrated ferments, leavening take longer tempo.Non absolutely use the baking powder in sachets with or without vanillin..


The Dough.

Pour into a bowl water, the crumbs of yeast and oil, add the flour and begin to knead. After the ingredients are blended, add the salt.

In 5-10 minutes your dough should be ready.

Dividetelo in 3 balls, cover with a cloth and let stand for one hour.

In the meantime you can prepare the ingredients for the topping of your pants.

After the rising phase, spianate the three balls of dough to obtain 3 diameter discs 25 centimeters. Unlike the normal round pizza, the calzone has an outer edge, so it is advisable to use a rolling pin to obtain disks of dough uniform thickness, avoiding the danger that small hole during cooking.

pizza calzone
The filling of the calzone

Place in the center of the disc of dough mozzarella and below all other ingredients.

Can close the disks of dough giving them the classic crescent shape, avoiding the leakage of the ingredients. Apply pressure with your fingers along the edges of the calzone to glue the ends.

pizza calzone
Calzone ready to fire

Bring your oven at a temperature of 200 degrees and bake for trousers 15-20 minutes or until the surface turns out to be perfectly golden. Take off the bad habit of opening the oven all the time to check for doneness, the dispersion of heat affect on cooking calzone that baking at a temperature lower than that indicated, prove to be rubbery and elastic.

Serve hot!!

pizza calzone
The calzone

And how farcisci your pants?Give your recipe in the comments on this page.

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  1. I read the recipe and really seems easy to prepare; I put scheduled for tomorrow evening.
    I would like to know if it is better to use the static mode of the oven or the breezy. There are differences in cooking?

    1. hello Annaluisa, thanks for writing me. There is not much difference between a pizza in a convection oven and baked in a convection oven. Pizza is one of those things that goes absolutely cooked in an oven at 300 degrees abundant. The oven heats up well, open quickly, include your pizza and quickly shut the door. Do not let yourself be taken by the curiosity and open the oven door during the baking your calzone. Simply look from the glass, when it will be perfectly golden, churns. You risk that if you lower the temperature of the oven during cooking, the calzone will deflate. Good to eat, but ugly to see. good job. Silvio.

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