Sicilian pizza

The Pizza Siciliana Traditions and Recipe

The Pizza Siciliana. In my business trips and leisure in the beautiful Sicily, I could not help but observe the different cultural traditions and the many culinary that this region offers us. Only to want to talk about pizza, you perceive that in every province of the island there is a local variant of this product. Visiting Palermo, you can not taste the "sfinciuni", the classic local focaccia topped with onion, cheese, tomato and bread crumbs.  In the province of Messina, in addition to the local focaccia topped with vegetables, cheese, tomato and anchovy, is in great demand even the "piduni" classic fried calzone or baked with a filling of vegetables. In Ragusa everywhere you go, you can taste the "casts". In the province of Catania, you can enjoy typical Sicilian pizza, a fried calzone stuffed with cheese, anchovies, mushrooms and other ingredients. In the province of Syracuse, is very popular the "pizzòlu" a stuffed pizza rustica.

Sicilian pizza
The pizza alla Siciliana

In other regions of Italy, in each menu that respects, Sicilian pizza is offered with the typical ingredients of this region and its Mediterranean cuisine: Capers, black olives and anchovies, a mix of strong flavors but very tasty.

Sicilian pizza
Sicilian pizza with anchovies, capers and black olives

To prepare four delicious Sicilian pizza we will need:

Flour type "0" 625 grams

Water 375 grams

Sale 15 grams

Yeast 1,2 grams

Sugar 10 grams

Oil 2-3 spoons

Prepare the dough by mixing the ingredients well, if you are not experts can consult this my previous post that explains step by step how to prepare the pizza dough.

Once the mixing phase, dividetelo in 4 parts and put it in a container with a lid for leavening. The rising phase will take approximately one hour, or until the volume of the balls will be doubled.

The drafting of the balls of pizza. Roll the balls to get 4 discs of dough with your fingertips is not easy if you have no experience, then, rather than get a bad result paving the pizzas with your hands, I always recommend the use of a rolling pin to all those who attempt to prepare it at home.

The dressing: Sprinkle the discs of pasta with tomato sauce, short sale, the anchovies are already tasty. Add the anchovy fillets / anchovies breaking them with your fingers into smaller pieces, Olive down, Capers and a generous layer of mozzarella. To give originality to this delicious pizza, recommend to all foodies to add a sprinkling of cheese Sicilian.

Sicilian pizza
Sicilian Pizza

Cooking: I never tire of repeating that to get a good result with your pizzas, you'll have to warm up well your home oven. Turn it up 15/20 minutes before, to the maximum temperature (200/250 degrees) before baking pizzas, and do not be curious, repeatedly opening the oven door to check the cooking, a heat loss during cooking will make you make a fool with your guests. In a hot oven pizza at the thin plate, employs about 15 minutes to cook, in any case, keep an eye on the edge of the pizza, and only when it turns out to be perfectly golden, baked pizzas Sicilian.

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Sicilian pizza
The Sicilian

Read more about Sicily can consult wikipedia.

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