Rosemary, Also good to Smoking

Rosemary, Also good to Smoking. From small, I have always believed that rosemary was a plant from smoking. Listening to the speeches of the smartest guys and bigger than me, I often say: I have a great rosemary, This lo fumiamo? It took me several years to understand that what they were smoking in secret from me, really was not rosemary, but something else!!!!

Rosmarino, Buono Anche da Fumare
Herbs: Rosemary

We know this plant

Rosemary is one of the oldest herbs, its properties were already known by the Greeks and Egyptians. Today you can find it anywhere, along the roads in the countryside, in gardens and in pots on balconies of our house.

The leaves of rosemary contains an essential oil prized, its main properties are to be referred to some composite content: Il pinene, borneol and cineol. In addition to these substances the leaves contain saponins, rosmarinic acid, flavonoids and tannins.

Rosemary, Also good to Smoking

Rosmarino, Buono Anche da Fumare
Rosemary officinale

According to recent research, regular use of rosemary keeps you young and improves through the blood. Thanks to its antioxidant plays a protective role of the liver.

The Romans used it to cure toothache, sprains and stiff neck, Today it is used to treat ulcerative, to fight rheumatic pains, the dense heart and is indicated for those with digestive problems.

Rosmarino, Buono Anche da Fumare
Rosemary plant

It is used in cosmetics for its deodorant properties, invigorating and purifying. It 'a very common ingredient in shampoos.

During the Egyptian, Rosemary was the symbol of eternity, and is found in some of the tombs of the pharaohs.

In the Middle Ages, this plant was used during exorcisms to drive away evil spirits from possessed people.

Rosemary, Also good to Smoking

Rosmarino, Buono Anche da Fumare
Rosemary plant flowered

Present Day, many people place in drawers and closets sprigs of rosemary, to keep moths away and to scent linen.

Due to its properties to strengthen memory, Rosemary is also called "the plant of remembrance"

In kitchen and pizzeria it makes extensive use of rosemary, inevitable in all the roasts and, does not exist cake which does not have the rosemary as an ingredient.

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If you want to know more about the rosemary, you can consult wikipedia.

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  1. Da un vecchio testo 1970 di padre indovino era un libro di erboristeria era segnalato un uso di rosmarino essiccato e salvia esdicara in parte uguali smituzzati e inseriti nel fornellino della pipa x poi fumare.. che calmava tosse la bronchite e asmaio l ho fatto e tuttora lo faccio quando sn asmatica e raffreddataè ottimo!

  2. Hello ,tengo bastante romero ,me ha ayudado a el estómago a sentirlo descansado ya que me sentía muy pesada ahora no, también me ha ayudado a tener más agilidad mental es verdad funciona

    1. Pero no decía que era bueno para fumar,o si? I read elsewhere that it is toxic ,burning it,

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