Oil in pizza dough

Oil in pizza dough

Oil in pizza dough

One of the most common questions I am asked by readers of my blog, is the following: This blessed oil extra virgin olive oil, should be added or should not be added to our pizza dough?

Oil in pizza dough
Olive oil

We begin this discussion by saying that the disciplinary STG Neapolitan pizza, extra virgin olive oil is not mentioned at all with respect to the dough, while it is appropriate to add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on raw pizza, before it is served to the customer.

Oil in pizza dough

I remind you that the disciplinary STG Pizza Napoletana is valid only for the pizzas cooked in a wood oven. So the oil should not be added in the dough, ...... but having attended for many years this area, I can assure you that is not entirely true. Many people (almost all) to add fat to the mixture, what kind of fat? One of the most common is the lard.

Oil in pizza dough

Olive oil is added to the dough when you want to get a pizza more fragrant, while the seed oil is added to the dough when it wants to obtain a product more but crispy.

It should be added to the mixture just before closing, while if prepared pizza at home and used a weak flour, the common supermarket, it is advisable to add, maybe with the water, to facilitate the ligament of proteins, allowing the formation of a gluten more homogeneous, which will keep the more gas that will be formed during the process of leavening.

My advice, is to add 50 grams of extra virgin olive oil per liter of water. Beware, because an excessive amount of oil may slow or even compromise the leavening.

Conclusion: In such cases, use oil

If you prepare a dough for pizza dish that is cooked in a wood stove, and the same pizza will be devoured by the customer 2 minutes, you can well do without adding oil in the dough.

If you are preparing a dough for pizza at home, to be cooked in a gas oven, electric or the small house, I suggest you add the extra virgin olive oil to the mixture in the amount of 50 grams per liter of water. Your final product, will prove to be better, as the pizza in the oven at home has a cooking more but slow, also 20 minutes in some cases, than a minute in the wood oven, I remind you also that the oil in the pizza helps to keep it warm longer, and this in our house could be useful.

And lard? Ma siiii, if we must make us sick, then we use lard instead of oil.

oil in pizza dough
Pork lard

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