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10 Ways to Prepare the Pizza Tonno

The pizza tuna is present in all the menus of pizzerias in the world. Tuna is a food that keeps well in the classic packaging canned in oil and therefore is used frequently as an ingredient in a pizzeria for pizza either alone or combined with other ingredients, to surprise and satisfy the needs of all customers.

pizza tuna
Pizza with tuna with tomato, mozzarella and olives

The pizza and tuna ....

Doing this work for many years, I happened to meet many customer requests, various pizzas with tuna combined with other ingredients, but there are some that make the perfect combinations for the palate, and which are more requests than other.

pizza tuna
Slice of pizza with cherry tomatoes and tuna

In supermarkets large or small, you will find different kinds of tuna packed, the natural, in seed oil, in olive oil. The same tuna inside the packages can be of different types, whole or crumbled to pieces. The best product to achieve a good pizza, is the tuna in olive oil and in pieces, that can crumble on pizza. Never forget that the pizza was born as "poor", then, few ingredients ... ..but good.

pizza tuna
Pizza tomato and tuna

In this article I wanted to show you what are the most common approaches that are required in a pizzeria that you can do with tuna.

pizza tuna
Margherita pizza with tuna and green olives

Pizza tuna and ....

  1. Pizza with tuna and olives: The tuna pizza with black olives prepared with the base of a daisy to which is added the crumbled tuna and black olives before being baked.
  2. Pizza tuna and onions: Combining the most popular by far, Both as a seasoning for a cake, both on a red pizza with tomato and mozzarella, Pizza with tuna and onion is the rustic Mediterranean for excellence.
  3. Pizza tuna and tomatoes: Light and nutritious at the same time, is prepared on the basis of a focaccia, are added to the tuna in olive oil crumbled, cherry tomatoes cut clove seasoned with salt and rosemary, before being baked.
  4. Pizza tuna and artichokes: Another perfect match and in great demand, think the same ingredients are also used to prepare one of the most popular sandwiches. Despite the version with tomato is very popular, is also delicious taste it only with mozzarella.
  5. Pizza tuna and zucchini: Two delicate ingredients made for each other, make this one of the pizza Popular, not to cover the delicate flavor of the ingredients, This pizza is made without the tomato, but with a generous layer of mozzarella.
  6. Corn and tuna: Pizza for refined palates, simply topped with mozzarella, sweet corn beans and pieces of tuna in olive oil crumbled before being put in the oven. When cooked, you add fresh basil leaves.
  7. Gorgonzola and tuna: Everyone likes, The tuna combined with gorgonzola sweet or spicy it, make this pizza a delicacy on the palate of the most demanding customers.
  8. Sicilian eggplant and tuna: The Sicilians have made a pizza of their tradition, The combination of the ingredients of the Sicilian pizza is unique: Tomato, mozzarella,crumbled tuna, eggplant sautéed, capers and black olives.
  9. Tuna and arugula: Pizza with tuna and rocket began to appear on the menu of pizza only recently, but has already gained a wide range of admirers, Depending on the tastes of the customer can be prepared on the basis of a daisy or on the basis of a focaccia. Excellent!!!
  10. Rustica with tuna and pickles: This delicious pizza rustica Mediterranean is the top of the stuffed pizzas, perfect match, and can be stored for a few days in the refrigerator without deterioration. The best pizza to be offered as an aperitif for your guests paired with a glass of robust red wine.
pizza tuna
Rustic pizza with tuna and pickles

Do you have any other recipe of pizza to prepare your home with tuna? Leave a Comment.

If you want more information on tuna, you can consult the encyclopedia wikipedia

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  1. Tuna and porcini mushrooms, sauté the porcini mushrooms with garlic, oil and chilli (if possible, add a handful of dried mushrooms found in warm water together with the fresh ones)then add tomato purée to taste, season with salt and finish cooking, spread on the pizza with a handful of Parmesan cheese and bake, Bon Appetite. N:B:the same sauce is excellent with tagliatelle

  2. Me encantan las pizzas 😀
    The tuna also though that is more like my kids.
    If for us, at home we would always eating homemade pizza or going out to dinner at a restaurant XD

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